Surgery For Little People

A predicted thunderstorm splattering the patio paving prompted postponement of plans to follow this year’s Bisterne Scarecrow Trail this afternoon, and Jackie to gather together her sewing kits and a set of knitted dolls which, after thirty-odd years were now missing a few stitches.

My mother made several sets of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs over the years for various grandchildren.

This one has been donated by Danni via Ella to Ellie. Those with the more obvious need for surgery are lying at the head of the queue.

The initial diagnosis was that five needed intervention. For each one,

having selected the most suitable ligatures for the operation,

Jackie needed to thread each appropriate colour in turn.

She then worked her way through the patients

displaying them for presentation to our great-granddaughter when she is deemed old enough to cuddle them.

This evening for dinner we repeated yesterday’s beef pie meal with the addition of boiled new potatoes; we each finished the respective beverages we had enjoyed then.

Just The Business


Especially in the mud and rain, watching me struggle to change camera lenses, or switch devices from a commercial camera bag, set Jackie’s creative juices flowing. She decided to make me a lighter, more user friendly bag. Setting off to scour charity shops seeking a quilted jacket which she thought should be obtainable for about £5.00, she returned with one that had cost £4.99. She ran it through the washing machine , dried it off, and cut it up.

For the last few days she has been creating a gadget bag, every stitch applied by hand.

Lens bag in the making

Whilst we watched the ITV coverage of the Wales v. Italy Six Nations rugby match, Jackie continued sewing the lens bag.

Lens bag

It has three divisions inside: one of each lens and one for the small SX700 HS camera. One lens was on the camera when I took this shot.  But, you never know, I may one day buy another, macro, one.  All the bag now needs are velcro strips to hold the cover in place.


This is what it looks like in situ. Just the business.

This evening, Elizabeth visited and she and I worked on a letter we are writing about the appallingly unsafe shower room that her Social Services department have left our mother with for the last twelve months. I will hold my powder on full details until the powers that be have or have not responded within the next working week.

Sag paneer

Afterwards, the three of us dined on Jackie’s excellent chicken jalfrezi, her savoury rice, and her newly created superb sag paneer. Elizabeth and I drank Chateau Plessis grand vin de Bordeaux 2014; and Jackie drank sparkling water.