Surgery For Little People

A predicted thunderstorm splattering the patio paving prompted postponement of plans to follow this year’s Bisterne Scarecrow Trail this afternoon, and Jackie to gather together her sewing kits and a set of knitted dolls which, after thirty-odd years were now missing a few stitches.

My mother made several sets of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs over the years for various grandchildren.

This one has been donated by Danni via Ella to Ellie. Those with the more obvious need for surgery are lying at the head of the queue.

The initial diagnosis was that five needed intervention. For each one,

having selected the most suitable ligatures for the operation,

Jackie needed to thread each appropriate colour in turn.

She then worked her way through the patients

displaying them for presentation to our great-granddaughter when she is deemed old enough to cuddle them.

This evening for dinner we repeated yesterday’s beef pie meal with the addition of boiled new potatoes; we each finished the respective beverages we had enjoyed then.


  1. I love this post! I have knitted a patchwork blanket for each of my four grandchildren – and have ended up doing some emergency stitching to repair them too. Jackie, it is wonderful to see your dedication to the care and future health of Snow White and her dwarfs 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. I love the original details on the toys. And I guess over zealous handling would reveal surgery from time to time.

    I’ve a granny square blanket I made for me, decades ago, which has somehow lost the inner square in one part, but I’ve never tried to fix it. It’s feels right to have that issue. I’ve no idea when it disappeared…but then again I’m an adult!

  3. I love this post, and Dr. Jackie’s loving care in treating her patients. Such wonderful dolls!

    I don’t sew, but I managed to give our older child’s stuffed Humpty several new hands over the years.

  4. Those are beautiful dolls your mother made, Derrick. And Jackie can add “surgeon” to her long list of impressive skills! Her patients have recovered wonderfully. I wish I had her sewing skills. Mine are rudimentary at best.

  5. Time has us all needing some repair and TLC sooner or later and the ‘little poeple’ are no exception … well done ‘nurse’ Jackie …

  6. Wonderful work, Jackie! I know the feeling of satisfaction that comes from repairing heirlooms like these. It will be fun to read the Snow White story while a grandchild plays with the dolls.

  7. How wonderful of your Mum to create these 7 charming well-seasoned fellows + Snow White! I like that they are numbered!
    How wonderful of Jackie to give them the tender loving care they need to look brand-new once again!
    How wonderful that some day very soon Ellie will be old enough to enjoy them!
    (((HUGS))) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. Aww … Jackie looks contented and concentrated at work! These are adorable and I do hope the event will go ahead soon! I see a wooden bobbin in one of the photos … we have been traipsing around the shops looking for these as my mother’s singer sewing machine will not take the the new plastic ones. Jackie wouldn’t know of any place that sells these, maybe?

      1. Shucks! Actually, people don’t darn socks anymore do they? Mu Mum used to darn worn elbows on cardigans and jumpers. I doubt even teachers have leather patches on elbows any more.

  9. Those ‘little people’ are fabulous!! Reminds me of something I heard (or read?) recently: —- Last night I was mugged by 6 dwarves. —– Not happy. —-:D

  10. Jackie is hereby awarded yet another title, the Chief Surgeon of the Little People Hospital. The photos are precious, especially the last one.
    (I envy Jackie’s ability to thread needles without assistance)

  11. The dwarfs are lovely, and how wonderful to still have them in the family. Almost makes me want to get out my knitting needles.

  12. my eyes popped at the title until i saw the first photograph, lol. these are lovely and colorful! what great pieces to pass down to grand and great grandchildren!

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