A Marvellous Achievement

The passion flower rescued recently¬†is now blooming. Early this morning we learned that the intrepid trio attempting the Three Peaks Challenge were, having completed Scafell Pike in three and a half hours, doing well. Louisa has sent some stunning photographs. Signs of excited tiredness are evident at the summit, but when you think they hadContinue reading “A Marvellous Achievement”

The Three Peaks Challenge

Most of our verbascums have been ravaged by caterpillars. Some, perhaps protected by hoverflies, have survived. There are some wonderful scents in the garden. Some simply pervade the atmosphere. Others, like this salvia microphylla, a woody shrub native to¬†Arizona and Mexico, emit their fragrance from crushed, or simply rubbed, leaves. These have odours of mintContinue reading “The Three Peaks Challenge”