Sparrows To The Right Of Us, Sparrows To The Left Of Us

IMAGES MAY BE ENLARGED WITH A CLICK THAT CAN BE REPEATED This afternoon I wandered around the garden seeking flowers I may not yet have featured this year. These lilies have just popped in a patio planter. The agapanthuses in the Palm Bed again stretch across the Gazebo Path. They stand alongside these Rudbeckia andContinue reading “Sparrows To The Right Of Us, Sparrows To The Left Of Us”

A Dismantled Burglar Alarm

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. These are some of the views from the patio that we enjoyed this morning whilst drinking our morning coffee. I was in and out of New Milton today. This morning Jackie drove me to Barclays bank to attend to some executor business, and this afternoon to BirchfieldContinue reading “A Dismantled Burglar Alarm”