Prints For The Exhibition

Whilst Jackie has started on her antibiotics, the virus has come back and bitten me again. I was therefore not up to much today apart from watching the Six Nations rugby matches between Ireland and Italy, and between England and Wales. It was no reflection on the first game that I dozed through much of it.

I also printed up more photographs for the forthcoming exhibition.

Raindrops on rose peach

Some involved raindrops on roses and

Raindrops on leaves of rose Deep Secret

on their leaves,

Raindrops on sweet pea

or on sweet peas.

Bee on cosmos

This bee had a cosmos all to itself;

Bee and ?spider on Cosmos

this one had to share another with a baby spider.

Chair and bed head

This is an early shot of the Weeping Birch Bed.

ViburnumHere is a viburnum from 30th March 2015,

Dove and suet balls

and a dove enjoying suet balls the next day.

Robin in shrubbery

This robin appeared to be attempting camouflage.

Japanese anemone

These Japanese anemones were pictured on 9th August 2014,


and these alliums on 12th March 2015.

Hordle Chinese Take Away provided our evening meal with which we eschewed alcohol.