Bookmarks To Treasure

I had a shower this morning.

Only those who have for any length of time been confined to strip washes and a head over the kitchen sink can fully appreciate the joy expressed in that statement.

Back Drive

At the southern end of the garden stretches the Back Drive which, as far as I am concerned might have been Antarctica for the last few weeks. I have usually opened the gate at the bottom for Aaron on a Sunday morning so he can bring his van in without having to jump out to open it. This morning he was able to drive straight in.

I have to admit to having dozed off on the odd occasion during the second half of England’s World Cup Wrestling match against Panama this afternoon.

It is not my birthday for a fortnight, yet yesterday I received what looked like a card from our good friend Pauline  Well, at this time there has also been Father’s Day and the need for Get Well cards. I received a get well card from Jessica and Imogen and a Father’s Day card from Louisa, both before Dad’s Day. I opened them both. One a little early. I considered Pauline’s, all the way from New Zealand, must be wishing me well, so I opened it this morning to find that it was

both for my birthday and for getting better. A beautifully crafted handmade card came with three wonderful bookmarks. Now I have a dilemma. I normally leave bookmarks in books as a surprise for the next reader. How can I possibly do that with these?

I didn’t go to sleep while watching the highlights of the fifth One Day (cricket) International between England and Australia.

After this we dined on a rack of pork spare ribs in barbecue sauce, served on Jackie’s superb vegetable rice.