What Was In That Glass?


This morning we visited Caroline and Keith Martin in Highcliffe, where we enjoyed seeing the developments in their garden during this, their third summer there, and having a convivial conversation over coffee and biscuits.

The weather was dull and overcast with showers of varying velocity. It was, therefore, back to the photographic archives for me. Two days ago I had featured preparation for Michael and Heidi’s wedding on 5th October 1991. Today, choosing to present a few in monochrome, I scanned more colour negatives, moving on to the reception.

Derrick 5.10.91 2

This must have been taken the evening before.

Sam 5.10.91

On the day, Sam had an important ushering role.

Michael and Heidi 5.10.91 1

I managed a couple of not very successful shots of the bride and groom on the lawn,

Chris 5.10.91

then mingled with guests like my brother, Chris;

Don 5.10.91

my friends Don,

Steve 5.10.91


Maurice 5.10.91

and Maurice;

Laura and Kate 5.10.91

and relatives like Jessica’s nieces Laura and Kate,

James and Che 5.10.91

and my nephew James and his son Che.

Cath, Derrick, Joan, Michael, Heidi, Werner, Jessica 5.10.91

Matthew made this image of the top table, including Heidi’s sister Cath, me, Heidi’s mother Joan, Michael, Heidi, her animated father, Werner, and Jessica. Cigarettes had not been outlawed in 1991.

Michael and Joan 5.10.91 1

Something had clearly amused Michael and his mother-in-law.

Michael speech 1

The groom certainly enjoyed his speech,

Michael speech 3

as did his wife,

Michael speech 2

and father-in-law,

Heidi, Werner, Jessica, Mark Banks 5.10.91

who paid close attention, along with Jessica, and Best Man, Mark Banks. The bride appeared rapt.

Michael and Joan 5.10.91 2

Joan was happy to receive a beautiful bouquet.

Jessica 5.10.91

I then continued with my photographic duties.

Becky, Mum, Elizabeth, Frances 5.10.91

Becky sits beside my mother. Elizabeth is on her feet between Mum and our sister-in-law, Frances.

Alex and Louisa 5.10.91

My niece, Alex, must have borrowed someone’s top hat, and I really hope Louisa was being very optimistic with an empty glass of champagne;

Danni 5.10.91

and I dread to think what Danni had spotted in this one

Adam 5.10.91

I can’t believe my nephew Adam was ever that small.

This evening we dined at The Monkey House. Jackie enjoyed a brie starter followed by gammon steak; mine was whitebait followed by sirloin steak. Jackie drank Amstel and I drank Le Fou pinot noir 2016.