Ducks In The Window

CLICKING ON IMAGES WILL ENLARGE THEM. REPEAT IF NECESSARY The statues bought yesterday were what we think are two of a series representing the seasons; the girl is for summer, and the boy, autumn. These are termed ‘vintage’ which probably means c1950. They have had time to gather signs of age. Mid-morning today, we leftContinue reading “Ducks In The Window”

‘I Believe You’ve Got Something Belonging To Me’

The bitterly cold wind has returned, but we do seem to be in one of the few areas of the country without snow. ¬†Louisa in Nottingham has five inches of it. ¬†Jackie drove us out to Bransgore where she visited the MacPenny Garden Nursery and whence I walked to Sainsbury’s car park in Ringwood. ThereContinue reading “‘I Believe You’ve Got Something Belonging To Me’”