Picture Resizing Problem Possibly Partially Resolved

Jackie set today’s theme by producing a quartet of bees on a sunflower.

Encouraged by these and, although I have not yet received confirmation of the completion of my WordPress images rescue from Peacock’s who are still working on the task,

I wandered round the garden to add a few – on sedums, zinnias, cosmos, and Japanese anemones. Many other flowers were graced with the presence of pollen gatherers on this warm, overcast, afternoon, but I thought it best not to push my luck without confirmation.

It looks as if new pictures are automatically resized, although older ones are not.

Shelly popped in with an Ellie present later, and was happy to hold her great-great-niece.

This evening we dined on wholesome Shepherd’s Pie; crunchy carrots; firm Brussel’s sprouts; piquant cauliflower cheese; tender cabbage; and tasty gravy. Jackie drank Hoegaarden; I drank more of the Shiraz; Flo and Dillon drank fruit cordial.

Garden And Album Arrangements

While Jackie continued working in the Rose Garden, I trimmed half of Karen and Barry’s wedding photographs and laid them loosely in the first of the albums.

I keep imagining that the Head Gardener will have completed the clearing and tidying of the Rose Garden, but there is always something more to admire.

Today she unclogged the water fountain and set it going again, and refreshed and planted up one of the stone urns;

cleaned Scooby’s stone and refreshed the lettering;

and cut back the roses in the bed beside the orange shed, leaving sweet pea bunting in place.

Dillon has now joined Flo in watering containers like the hanging basket above – a task of life-giving irrigation. What is very surprising is that this lace-cap hydrangea has survived on no water for a month.

We have numerous varieties of lily, still including hemerocallis.

Blue agapanthus blooms in the Pond Bed, have popped out of their casings, while others in the Palm Bed are still to emerge.

The Puerto Rico Dahlias share a bed with clematis and phlox; the deep red ones are in the West Bed.

Jackie has successfully grown a number of zinnias from seed.

This the most plentiful hibiscus.

This peach climber is producing its third flush of the year.

There are more benefits of watering seen in these views looking west.

This evening we dined on Mr Pink’s fish, chips, and mushy peas, with Garner’s pickled onions, with which Jackie drank Trentin Pino Grigio 2021, Dillon drank Hoegaarden, Flo drank elderflower cordial, and I finished the Rasteau.