Late Summer Blooms

On a balmy late-summer morning I took my camera around the garden seeking auguries of the true autumn as opposed to the false one we experienced as a consequence of the heatwave of a month ago. We have two crab apple trees in the front garden, the fruit of which have, until last winter, nourishedContinue reading “Late Summer Blooms”

Picture Resizing Problem Possibly Partially Resolved

Jackie set today’s theme by producing a quartet of bees on a sunflower. Encouraged by these and, although I have not yet received confirmation of the completion of my WordPress images rescue from Peacock’s who are still working on the task, I wandered round the garden to add a few – on sedums, zinnias, cosmos,Continue reading “Picture Resizing Problem Possibly Partially Resolved”

A Ship In A Bottle

Some 100 yards or so to the east along Christchurch From our house lies the entrance to a series of quarry pits. Our friend Giles has learned that three of the pits have been filled with water and converted to bird sanctuaries. In recent months a series of gates into the woodland have appeared. IContinue reading “A Ship In A Bottle”

Like Joyce’s Wet Bed

Early this sultry morning, before setting off to meet her sisters for lunch, Jackie carried out necessary garden irrigation which I continued after enjoying the lunch she had left prepared for me. After giving pots a fresh-water- and myself a sudorific-drenching I proceeded to a little dead heading that I had failed to ignore. Aaron,Continue reading “Like Joyce’s Wet Bed”

By Request

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. Pauline, The Contented Crafter, recently expressed an interest in seeing a photograph showing the whole length of the garden and the house. Well, this may have been possible were it not for the foliage in between. Nevertheless, I did my best to comply. I managed to crossContinue reading “By Request”

Fish ‘n’ Chips

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. Alison visited today and brought us a wonderful set of wind chimes. Given the amount of wind we usually experience, it is sod’s law that the air was now perfectly still. On display during her walk around the garden were Japanese anemones and dahlias; clematises and petunias;Continue reading “Fish ‘n’ Chips”

The Eyes Have It

This morning, when she had finished her work, including planting of spring bulbs, in Elizabeth’s Bed, Jackie joined me in clearing up after yesterday’s installation of the Monet arch. This involved removing more clippings to the burning pile; a slight repositioning of the path edgings; and hoeing and raking the gravel. She had, yesterday evening, retrainedContinue reading “The Eyes Have It”

The Eye Patch

Jackie’s nasturtium leaves are being eaten by minute caterpillars hatched from little yellow butterfly eggs.  The sneaky parents laying the eggs on the underside reckon without our eagle-eyed head gardener. Yesterday’s bee was harvesting a marigold.  Today’s perched on a sunflower, confirming my suspicion that these creatures are more attracted to yellow flowers than toContinue reading “The Eye Patch”

NITS (2)

Father’s Day was celebrated in style in the Thompson household.  I was given a decorated pebble inscribed ‘My Dad Rocks’.  Errol was presented with breakfast in bed delivered by his daughters.  I would have received that too had I not got up very early to post yesterday’s blog entry. Reflecting on yesterday’s performance Jessica andContinue reading “NITS (2)”