Last night I watched a beautifully and sensitively filmed and acted DVD.  This was ‘Resistance’, directed by Amit Gupta who collaborated in the scriptwriting with Owen Sheers, author of the acclaimed novel. The theme is based on the fantasy that the Second World War D-Day Landings failed, and Britain was overrun by the Germans.  SetContinue reading “Resistance”

‘We Are Not Allowed To Ask’

Today I travelled to Sigoules.  Jackie drove me to Southampton Airport; Flybe flew me to Bergerac; Sandrine drove me to Sigoules.  All went smoothly. Knowing I would arrive on a Sunday afternoon when everything, even Le Code Bar, would be closed, Jackie plied me with more food than I would normally eat at lunchtime, letContinue reading “‘We Are Not Allowed To Ask’”

Venturing Out

By this morning, yesterday’s snow had desisted.  The garden and the forest were still well enough covered to offer a myriad of classic winter scenes.  Our Mahonia presented an interesting outline framing the whitened leaves, whilst its yellow flowers peeped through.  A certain amount of thawing had turned a little of the drive’s coating to slush, andContinue reading “Venturing Out”

Pinched Buttocks

Discussing Tens machines this morning Jackie mentioned that she can’t find hers, and assumed it has got lost in one of our several moves.  A short while later, we spoke about the potential for photographing, in the snow that has fallen overnight, a subject for next year’s Christmas card.  I said that one card I’dContinue reading “Pinched Buttocks”

I’m Only Borrowing It

Probably because it is slightly less cold today, snow began to fall as Jackie drove me to Ashurst for my trip to London.  I was then presented with the problem of buying a ticket.  We should perhaps be grateful that there is a railway station at this village.  Unfortunately there is no person employed toContinue reading “I’m Only Borrowing It”

Gold Hill

Dawn across the lawn was stunning this morning. We took advantage of the beautiful conditions and drove cross-country to Shaftesbury in Dorset.  On probably our coldest day this year the temperature was mostly below freezing and never rose above 2 degrees centigrade.  The proliferating pools on the forest floor remained frozen.  The Hampshire forests andContinue reading “Gold Hill”

The Village Lunch

Running Hill was glorious this morning as I set off to walk a quirky Q linking the two fords with the Fleetwater phone box.  This red phone box, incidentally, no longer takes coins.  Bishops were in the process of moving people out of Barter’s, a rather large yet homely house which has just been sold. The only humans IContinue reading “The Village Lunch”

A Bouncing Baby Boy

We drove back to Highcliffe early this afternoon, for Jackie to shop and for me to walk. The contrast between this moist Monday and yesterday’s sunny Sunday was marked.  Highcliffe beach was deserted except for me and a jogger.  I walked along the cliff top first, before descending to the shore by muddy steps besideContinue reading “A Bouncing Baby Boy”


Malachi is most definitely at the ‘why’ stage.  This morning, over breakfast, he asked Jackie ‘why?’.  She had a ready answer, smiled, and said ‘I anticipated that one’.  ‘What does that mean?’, he asked.  ‘I knew you’d ask why?’, she replied.  A mischievous grin game over his face.  ‘Why?’, he said.  Why is it thatContinue reading “Highcliffe”

The Olden Days

A  sleepy Malachi began the day watching ‘Ice Age 3’ whilst I sat with him.  Jackie offered breakfast.   My grandson was more interested in finishing up Christmas chocolate money.  We produced the toy box that his previous requests had stimulated us to provide.  He shook it up and actually played with the contents.  When it was timeContinue reading “The Olden Days”