A Bustling Bar

After lunch yesterday I watched ‘The Special Relationship’, scriptwriter Peter Morgan’s imagined version of the personal friendship between Tony Blair and Bill Clinton.  It was fascinating fiction blended with factual events during a dramatic period of our history.  The performances of Michael Sheen, now quite adept at playing the former British Prime Minister, and DennisContinue reading “A Bustling Bar”


Last night I watched a beautifully and sensitively filmed and acted DVD.  This was ‘Resistance’, directed by Amit Gupta who collaborated in the scriptwriting with Owen Sheers, author of the acclaimed novel. The theme is based on the fantasy that the Second World War D-Day Landings failed, and Britain was overrun by the Germans.  SetContinue reading “Resistance”

The Tempest

13.6.12 My legs this morning took me to Cuneges and back, a feat my hip would not have allowed eighteen months ago.  This was a long, hilly, walk, and although the weather was cool and overcast I soon raised a sweat.  A couple of years ago I did part of this trip with Chris andContinue reading “The Tempest”