Back Through The Barrier

CLICK ON ANY IMAGE IN A GROUP TO ACCESS ENLARGEMENTS IN GALLERIES Today I scanned the final batch of colour negatives from Norman’s 70th birthday boat trip on 6th April 2002. Some of these are from the start of the journey soon after we left Westminster Pier and people settled down to eat. The PostContinue reading “Back Through The Barrier”

Paddling Along The Thames Part One

CLICK ON ANY IMAGE IN A GROUP TO ACCESS ENLARGED GALLERIES Given his abiding interest in Paddle Steamers, it was only to be expected that my friend Norman should celebrate his 70th birthday,     by hiring the Viscount to give all his friends a boat trip to remember. In the second of these images,Continue reading “Paddling Along The Thames Part One”

Contrasting Skies

In January 1964 I took four colour slide photographs of birds being fed at the Tower of London.  The best of these has been lost.  I had used it to produce a calendar for Mum a year or so later.  Sadly, of the twelve pictures selected for that present, this is the only one thatContinue reading “Contrasting Skies”

As If Preserved In Amber

In August 1963 I was working in marine insurance for the Committee of Lloyd’s .  As I always went for a wander during my lunch hour, I imagine that the second slide in my posterity collection was taken during one of those walks.  I am hard put to determine the vantage point from which I looked outContinue reading “As If Preserved In Amber”