Studio Portraits

Becky, Ian, Scooby, and I repeated yesterday’s trip to Barton on Sea. This time the rain kept off and we walked down to and along the beach, climbing, by way of a fenced off footpath, up to the road near Sails Coffee Shop, and returning along the straight to Becky’s car.

On the grass near the Beachcomber Cafe we met two women and a young girl with a Scooby lookalike.Scooby and JackThe owners released their pets so they could make each other’s acquaintance. The humans chatted whilst the new-found friends frolicked. We soon realised we all Scooby and Jack 2came originally from London. The cameras were not long in coming out, and various owners attempted to cajole the animals into posing. Ian, Scooby, Jack and girlIan was particularly tender as he caressed Scooby’s ear, no doubt attempting to encourage the forthcoming smile. Scooby, Jack, and girlThe doppelgänger, Jack, also responded to his owner’s gentle touch. Eventually, hands were withdrawn, and suitable studio portraits achieved.

Closed cliffWe walked past a heavily eroded cliff and eventually reached a sign explaining that the area beyond it was closed because of the very high risk of landslides. To the right, some way behind the sign, a woman and child slithered down some scree and made their way to the beach. Becky and Ian on cliff pathThey had descended from the road above, and presumably seen neither the warning nor the high fence. They must, however, have slid under the barrier bordering the path up which we ascended. Cliff and beachTo the right of the path could be seen evidence of cliff falls to which some brick buildings and sections of gardens had clearly been lost.Sails Coffee Shop and cliff edge

Sails Coffee Shop terraceBack gardens on cliff topWe hadn’t realised until we reached the top that one of the buildings so near the edge was the terrace on the end of which is Sails Coffee Shop. These are some of the properties that must once have included longer gardens, perhaps evidenced by their shifted footpaths.

The family returned home to Emsworth after our multiple choice dinner. I enjoyed Becky’s penne Bolognese, Lidl’s lasagne, and Jackie’s savoury salad. That is, I had a little of everything. For dessert I opted for Jackie’s apple crumble and custard. Custard tarts, ice cream, fruit salad and various flans were other choices. Ian drank Hoegaarden. The rest of us abstained.

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