Cod Liver Oil And Malt

On a clear, bright, finger-tingling morning, I reprised the woodland walk I had taken two days ago. Becky had walked this route yesterday with Scooby who had been very excited to find himself in the midst of a pheasant shoot. As they entered the woods a flurry of feathers in ungainly flight soared above theContinue reading “Cod Liver Oil And Malt”

Jack Russell

Some time ago, my friend Harri sent me a photograph of an owlet in her garden. Yesterday,  Chris sent me two shots of a sparrow hawk seen in his. I seem to be collecting donated photographs of birds of prey, better than any I could have taken myself. Jackie’s sister Helen has a collection ofContinue reading “Jack Russell”

Studio Portraits

Becky, Ian, Scooby, and I repeated yesterday’s trip to Barton on Sea. This time the rain kept off and we walked down to and along the beach, climbing, by way of a fenced off footpath, up to the road near Sails Coffee Shop, and returning along the straight to Becky’s car. On the grass near the BeachcomberContinue reading “Studio Portraits”

Spice Cottage

24th August 2013 There are two Billingfords in Norfolk.  We were apprised of this rather less than welcome fact when printing off directions to the hotel we had booked for the weekend in order to celebrate Don’s 80th birthday, and to his daughter Sue’s home, where festivities are to be held tomorrow.  They are thirtyContinue reading “Spice Cottage”