A Re-opening

Blackberry blossomCherry blossomThis was a warm sunlit day. Not only were the last of the summer blackberries ripening in Downton Lane, but  fresh blossom was turning to fruit, and a Japanese kaiga painter had reproduced a pattern of pink cherry against the clear blue sky over Shorefield.Shadows of five-barred gateIsle of Wight, The Needles, lighthouse
Long shadows were cast, and the Isle of Wight, The Needles, and their lighthouse stood sharply alongside The silver Solent.
A Re-opening
I am optimistic about the re-opening of our neighbouring pub, The Royal Oak. The new tenants, Debbie and Carl Millward, are experienced publicans who should be able to resuscitate the necessary atmosphere of a country hostelry. This evening they opened for drinks. Food should be available in a day or two, but  this evening what was available was generous bar nibbles, so we all had an enjoyable couple of drinks and convivial conversation with the publicans and Debbie’s parents Jill and Ken. There was a good attendance of local people. .After this Jackie collected takeaway fish and chips from Old Milton and we enjoyed them at home with mushy peas and pickled onions.


  1. We had quite a discussion here one night when I asked friends if they knew what fish and chips and mushy peas are. Everyone figured chips must be fried potatoes rather than what we call potato chips and everyone laughed when I said that mushy peas must be more than mashed peas, so we looked it up…no, it is mashed peas. We all decided that we would like to try that ourselves. Half said they would try the pickled onions and half said…maybe not.

    1. That had me smiling Ginene. What we call chips are rather like big fat French fries; and your potato chips are our crisps. This meal was the standard cheap takeaway before Chinese and Indian. When I was a child it would be wrapped in newspaper.

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