Emily Lee

Jackie drove me to and from New Milton for the Waterloo train to lunch with Norman at The Archduke.

Golden Jubilee BridgeGolden Jubilee Bridge stepsGolden Jubilee Bridge supports and craneGolden Jubilee Bridge 2Jimi Hendrix

Before meeting my friend, I walked along Concert Hall Approach and up the steps to the Golden Jubilee Bridge, the supports of which paralleled the structure of a nearby crane.

On our previous visit to the restaurant I mentioned the change of decor reflecting the new jazz theme. Greats such as John Coltrane, Theolonius Monk and Jimi Hendrix now grace the walls.

John Coltrane

Norman and I both chose superb sea trout on a creamy pecan risotto, followed by tasty pecan pie and clotted cream, with which we shared an excellent Sicilian shiraz.

On leaving The Archduke, I was drawn to return to the bank of The Thames by the strains a powerful and exciting voice, which was itself unstrained. This emanated from a vibrant, humorous, young woman, who also had the engaging personality to hold crowds transfixed on a day that was cold enough to urge sightseers to keep moving. She is Emily Lee, who is soon to release a CD. She claimed to be suffering from a persistent cough which didn’t appear to detract from her performance. Look out for her.

Emily Lee 1


Emily Lee 2                                                                                                                                       The train on our return journey was as packed as ever. Three seats opposite or beside me were occupied by the bags of neighbouring passengers. A couple in their fifties approached the seats, looked at them, and said they would sit on the floor by the gangway. They were ignored, and this they proceeded to do. As awkwardly and painfully as usual in this tiny cramped accommodation I rose to my feet, walked over to the people on the floor, and told them they need not be so uncomfortable when available seats were occupied by luggage. The woman said it was very sweet of me, but they opted to stay where they were. I returned to my seat.

I ask you.


10402799_767381023355226_1388469684459486508_nI wouldn’t have mentioned the contribution I made to the singer’s collection, but after posting this, I went on to her Facebook page to send her the link to this post. She had already posted her busking session, complete with photograph. This is what she said:

‘Busking next to the London Eye and a £5 note that a lovely guy gave me goes flying straight into the Thames. Damn you wind.’





  1. I usually walk away if there’s luggage on seats. 🙁 I am too shy. Also the reason why I never keep my own luggage on the seats if see the train getting filled up.

  2. Maybe Emily Lee will be the next Adele! I do not understand how people aren’t ashamed at themselves for taking up needed seats with their luggage..
    sounds like a fun day:)

  3. I worked for Corporate America, once upon a time, when I was in my hay day, Eight women walked into the train station lobby already filled with business men with their attache and brief cases occupying every open seat. All eight of us were standing in snow-filled high heels with only stockings covering our legs. We had just fought our way from the office complex to the train station through one of the worst snow blizzards on record. It took us an hour to go as far as we usually walked in 10 minutes. We couldn’t feel our feet or our noses.
    I don’t know what came over me that night, but some authority must have been in my voice. When I saw that no one moved their cases or offered us a seat, I said, “Gentlemen, we have arrived and we want to sit down.”
    To my surprise, thirty men jumped up. I’ll never forget the looks on their faces.

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