Paddling Along The Thames Part One

CLICK ON ANY IMAGE IN A GROUP TO ACCESS ENLARGED GALLERIES Given his abiding interest in Paddle Steamers, it was only to be expected that my friend Norman should celebrate his 70th birthday,     by hiring the Viscount to give all his friends a boat trip to remember. In the second of these images,Continue reading “Paddling Along The Thames Part One”

No More Shell Building

IMAGES CAN BE ENLARGED BY CLICKING ON THEM – TWICE IF NECESSARY As usual when I travel to London, Waterloo, Jackie drove me to and from New Milton today. Apart from the fact that the ticket office was closed because the system wasn’t working, and I held up the queue for the machine on theContinue reading “No More Shell Building”

Emily Lee

Jackie drove me to and from New Milton for the Waterloo train to lunch with Norman at The Archduke. Before meeting my friend, I walked along Concert Hall Approach and up the steps to the Golden Jubilee Bridge, the supports of which paralleled the structure of a nearby crane. On our previous visit to theContinue reading “Emily Lee”

A Robotic Swivel

At New Milton station, where Jackie delivered me on this bright, cold, morning for the London train, the strong sun silhouetted travellers crossing the bridge linking the two platforms. Norman and I changed our venue today. We lunched at The Archduke on Concert Hall Approach Road opposite Waterloo Station. I had not been there since, whenContinue reading “A Robotic Swivel”

Supporting Big Ben

Jackie and I began the day with a trip to Ferndene Farm shop for more gravel, for the patio corner and the path completed a couple of days ago that I am freshening up. We didn’t quite have enough for both, but I think you will get the picture. A few more flowers were plantedContinue reading “Supporting Big Ben”

‘Good Haircut’

Yesterday I promised Richard a copy of the photograph of him shovelling shingle. I printed it A3+ size today, and am very pleased with it. Jackie drove me to Southampton Parkway after lunch. I then took my usual route to Carol’s, involving a train to Waterloo and a walk across Westminster Bridge and down VictoriaContinue reading “‘Good Haircut’”

Back To The Akash

18.7.13 For the third heat-wave day in succession, Jackie drove me to and from Southampton for a London trip.  First port of call was Carol’s, to whose home I struggled over Westminster Bridge and down Victoria Street.  This time it was mid-afternoon in 30+ degrees. The international teeming throng offered neither let-up nor pavement space.Continue reading “Back To The Akash”

‘That Was Worth Fighting For’.

Jackie provided her usual chauffeuse driven service to and from Southampton for today’s journey for lunch with Norman.  Why should I have been surprised that, after last night, the train was only five coaches long, with seats at a premium?  In fact I only obtained one by tapping on the shoulder of a young woman,Continue reading “‘That Was Worth Fighting For’.”

A Different Mother Each Day

After Jackie delivered me to Southampton Parkway for my trip to visit Norman, my train journey was almost uneventful.  No doubt taking the Quiet zone notices literally, a taciturn young man opposite me, sporting an attenuated Mohican that had recently been mown, said nothing and did not take his eyes off the screen of hisContinue reading “A Different Mother Each Day”

Return to The Smoke

Against the odds, Jackie got me to Southampton Parkway in the nick of time for the London train for my visits to Norman and Carol. Today being Red Nose Day, the culmination of national efforts to raise money for children’s charities, Red Noses gathered on Waterloo station concourse, from where I walked to Bond StreetContinue reading “Return to The Smoke”