Christmas In Morden

Possibly because there was no sunshine until late afternoon, yesterday’s progress against the virus slowed up a bit today. The sluggish, heady, start didn’t really improve as it had then. We settled for an amble round the garden looking at snowdrops, camellias, hellebores, and new shoots on numerous other plants such as clematises.Christmas tree lights 12. 82

This afternoon, after a doze, I scanned another sixteen colour negatives of Agfa film from December 1982. A Christmas tree and the ages of the children helped to date these, which was quite useful.

Four generations of the family enjoyed one of my mother’s plentiful teas in my parents’ home in Morden. For as long as they stayed in London one of Mum’s Sunday lunches, with high tea to follow later could always be obtained at Rougemont Avenue. Maybe that’s why they retired to Horndean, and we had to be determined to turn up there on spec from our various London homes. By December 1982 we all had partners, although not all children, all of whom were equally welcome. I was there with Jessica, Sam, and Louisa; Elizabeth brought Rob and Adam; and Joe was accompanied by his current girlfriend.Mum and Dad 12. 82 03

Mum and Dad stand by their festive tree.Grandma and Sam 12. 82 02

Here, my son Sam poses with my maternal Grandmother in the same spot.Rob and Adam 12. 82My nephew Adam surveys the assembled company from the comfort of his Dad Rob’s lap. Sam 12. 82

Sam does the same from the sofa.Louisa 12. 82

Back home in Gracedale Road Louisa had turned her bib into cardboard in the usual toddler manner, by coating it liberally with the soggy contents of her breakfast bowl.Louisa12. 82 01

She changed into a lovely dress for the tea party where she had a great time introducing her biscuit to the carpet.Joseph 12. 82

A couple of days ago, my five year old brother Joseph was featured playing Pick up Sticks with Jackie. Sixteen years on, he was a young adult. With his full beard he would not look out of place on a modern rugby field.

This evening Jackie and I dined on pizza and salad. Neither of us desired a liquid accompaniment.


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