Communing With Ponies

Today we ventured out. Firstly, I made my way down the garden to admire Aaron’s work of yesterday. Perusal of the last two photographs featured on 26th June last year show what this now bare patch looked like then. For the rest of that summer I cleared most of what was growing there, and invading from next door. Anyone who has followed my summer posts will know what a task this was.Rose garden blank 1Rose garden blnk 2

The piles of concrete and bricks seen in those two pictures show how much of this material I had dug out, not to mention the bath. The job still required completion, and I’d had enough, which is why I had engaged Aaron Parris of A.P. Maintenance. Aaron charges a very reasonably hourly rate, and works thoroughly throughout, having to be encouraged to take tea breaks. We now have a blank canvas on which to plan our rose garden.

Our next morning outing was by car. Jackie drove us around the Northern parts of the forest. Even driving through the splendid heathlands and the winding treelined roads in gorgeous sunshine I felt rather dozy, until I stepped out for a while to commune with a group of basking New Forest ponies whose somnolence made me feel as if I were positively frisky. Mostly, these animals were undisturbed by my presence. One grey, however, stirred itself enough to turn and see whether was anything to eat in my camera.Ponies by roadsidePonies among treesDappled grey poniesPonies' shadowsPonies' legsPony's eye 1Pony's eye 2White ponyPony through trees

The shadows cast by this wonderful wintry light which sharpened the landscape were just what the doctor would have ordered for lifting the spirits, had he or she been asked. Many people have found swimming with dolphins to be soothingly curative for those suffering from depression. Unless you are unfortunate enough to be afraid of these silent ponies, I can recommend communing with these gentle creatures as a peaceful experience.

We dined this evening on chicken Kiev, chips, and baked beans, followed by Bakewell tart and custard.

This morning’s outing was initiated by Jackie, and required a certain amount of willpower. This evening, however, I really felt I was on the mend, and was grateful we had made the effort.




  1. That garden sure gives a lot of scope for the imagination! I cant wait to watch its progress! My comments are so redundant here but honestly, your photographs are all so extraordinarily beautiful…

  2. Yep, Cynthia is right, and the thoughts that hit my mind are so obvious they don’t even need to be said. But I’ll say it anyway- love the light on the horses. I could feel the peace you are talking about. And there is nothing quite as exciting to me as a cleared piece of earth, waiting to become a garden. 🙂

  3. A piece of blank canvas in the garden sounds a perfect project to be contemplating as Spring approaches. The peaceful ponies are beautiful – I find our natural world is a great healer and restorer of the spirit.

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