Continued Preparation

A fortnight ago, noticing that our fuel oil was rather low, I ordered a refill and was promised one before today. Overnight the tank was emptied and we had no heating this morning. Opening with a plea of age and infirmity I rang the supplier early this morning. I then slipped into my trademark firm,Continue reading “Continued Preparation”

Hatchet Pond At Dusk

Today’s Christmas rose is this peach one from the patio bed. The neighbouring clematis Cirrhosa Freckles festoons the grateful gazebo. The now solitary pigeon still perches praying for the return of its deceased mate. Nugget now spends much of his time outside the stable door where he enjoys sole use of the feeder by theContinue reading “Hatchet Pond At Dusk”

Christmas At Downton

Soon after the rest of us had dined on Christmas Eve, Mat, Tess, and Poppy arrived and consumed the rest of the Chinese meal. Jackie and I left the others and retired to bed somewhat later. Christmas Day began with Mother and Father Christmas stumbling down the chimney before dawn to complete stocking duties. ItContinue reading “Christmas At Downton”

Location Established

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. THOSE IN GROUPS ACCESS GALLERIES THAT CAN BE VIEWED FULL SIZE. The discovery of a few more colour negatives from 1986, with the aid of a properly labelled photograph album, enabled me to establish that the mountain scaled by Matthew and Sam in yesterday’s post was actually in North Wales, nearContinue reading “Location Established”

Natural Monochrome

CLICK ON ANY IMAGE IN THE CLUSTERS TO ACCESS THE GALLERIES THAT CAN BE VIEWED FULL SIZE. SIMPLY CLICK ON THE SINGLE SHOT AND REPEAT IF REQUIRED. Anyone having followed the broadband connection saga will no doubt share my delight in the fact that this morning I uploaded the ten following pictures in five minutes.Continue reading “Natural Monochrome”

The Run Up To Christmas

Such is the speed of light changes, especially at this time of the year, that, in the two minutes it took me to sling on a dressing gown, get downstairs, and grab the camera this morning, the completely red dawn sky had streaked, but still looked dramatic. Today the usual division of labour between Jackie and meContinue reading “The Run Up To Christmas”

Christmas In Morden

Possibly because there was no sunshine until late afternoon, yesterday’s progress against the virus slowed up a bit today. The sluggish, heady, start didn’t really improve as it had then. We settled for an amble round the garden looking at snowdrops, camellias, hellebores, and new shoots on numerous other plants such as clematises. This afternoon,Continue reading “Christmas In Morden”

A Tradition Upheld

Ever since she was a small child, Flo has helped her Grannie put up flamboyant Christmas decorations. Festive trees, having priced themselves out of the market last year, are now half the cost they were then. We all got up early to buy one from Ferndene Farm Shop. It has also become tradition that GrandpaContinue reading “A Tradition Upheld”

Touches Of Gothic

Ripped by a fierce cold wind pines creaked against fencing as, taking the Shorefield section first, I reversed my Hordle Cliff top walk. With howling gusts forcing me backwards, turbulent waves crashing against the shingle, and swirling clouds looming overhead, there was a truly Gothic feel over The Solent. One only had to imagine the lightContinue reading “Touches Of Gothic”