A Time Check

We all like a camomile lawn. In the right place. What is not so attractive is an onion lawn in the wrong place. Jackie has been working her way along our paths eradicating smelly alliums self-seeded and creating such a carpet. With their heady aroma permeating my nostrils, I took a hoe to a section this morning, without the aid of my stick. The bulbs didn’t all emerge, but I wasn’t about to get down on my knees to dig them out.Allium rakingEucalyptus bark I took a short break to photograph the delicate pastel shades of the peeling eucalyptus bark. The wheels were generously left behind by the previous owners.Camellias and clock

Peering through the shrubbery, I admired Becky and Ian’s Christmas clock on the wall of the house.Robin, blue tit and clockRobin and clock

Unaware that a blue tit behind it was making a beeline for the feeder, a robin popped down to check the time.Hat with pansies

On the side wall outside the kitchen the leaden Lucille Scott hat bought at The First Gallery now sprouts pansies.


Slight constipation is one of the side effects of Co-codamol. When she returned from shopping Jackie brought back something she thought might relieve it. My friend John should approve of the brand.

Answering an advertisement in Streetlife, Jackie drove us to the donor of 725 small paving blocks which should be just the job for our rose garden. Most of the concrete and bricks dug out of the former kitchen garden have been used elsewhere. I then confirmed with Aaron that he could transport them in his van tomorrow.

This evening Jackie fed us on roast gammon, piquant cauliflower cheese (recipe), and crisp carrots and green beans followed by Aunt Bessie’s rhubarb crumble and custard. She (Jackie, not Aunt Bessie) drank sparkling water, and I finished the Chateauneuf-du-Pape.


  1. I love the hat with its floral decoration. Those iron wheels are interesting – they look as if they’ve come from old agricultural implements.

  2. The metal hat of pansies is perfect on the side of the garden! And I just love it when I can collect things like bricks from someone who is clearing their own property. Both people benefit, and it’s often free!

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