Reflecting Autumn

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED This morning Paul and Margery delivered the nicely mounted signed painting that John created on 21st September. We brunched at Hockey’s Farm Shop. In the lane outside a donkey rushed to our open car window in search of treats. No-one had told it that Halloween was over.Continue reading “Reflecting Autumn”

‘Wait For Me, Mum’

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. This morning I tidied up after some of Jackie’s cutting back yesterday, and was then rewarded by delicious scents from the roses as I dead-headed them. Elizabeth came to lunch and dinner. This afternoon the three of us drove out to Hyde where we enjoyed refreshments inContinue reading “‘Wait For Me, Mum’”

Make Love, Not War

Now that our garden possesses better flooring than that inside the house, we cannot light bonfires in overflowing, legless, rusty, wheelbarrows any more. On another gloriously sunny morning we therefore went on a galvanised garden incinerator search. Beginning with Otter nurseries we performed a local tour, ending up where we had started. The bin we had been shownContinue reading “Make Love, Not War”

A Time Check

We all like a camomile lawn. In the right place. What is not so attractive is an onion lawn in the wrong place. Jackie has been working her way along our paths eradicating smelly alliums self-seeded and creating such a carpet. With their heady aroma permeating my nostrils, I took a hoe to a sectionContinue reading “A Time Check”

The First Gothic Novel

Jackie, as usual, drove me to and from New Milton for my trip to London to visit Norman for lunch, and Carol afterwards. I took my usual routes from Waterloo to their respective homes. A woman also being delivered to the home station this morning, left her driver with a farewell that had me chuckling.Continue reading “The First Gothic Novel”

A Halt To Proceedings

Today I worked on the far end of the invasive vegetation. Turning left from the new arch and working in the opposite direction from the house was the most difficult stretch yet. It looks as if my predecessor gave up the task of keeping next door’s produce at bay. There remain root clusters and stumpsContinue reading “A Halt To Proceedings”