I’ve Received An Award

Dawn's tints 1Dawn's tints 2 There was not much sunshine today, so it paid off to have been up and dawn to watch its pink tints filtering across the road, turning the cool blue exterior of the house into a warmDawn's tints 3 watercolour, and piercing a new pair of windows into my study wall. An amble round the garden revealed Deutzia 1Deutzia 2

two different deutzias;


a variety of verbena;


and a quantity of aquilegias from seed scattered last autumn.

Clematis Niobe

This clematis Niobe, now thriving against the front fence, was a spindly twig trampled into gravelly soil when we arrived a year ago. It has responded well to Jackie’s winter care.

We have a saying which I had never understood until meeting Priscilla. This is ‘smelling like a petunia’, used to describe someone wearing perhaps too much perfume. Almost very variety of the range of cultivated versions of the plant has had the scent bred out of it.

Petunia Priscilla

Priscilla, however, carries the pristine aroma.

I was pleasantly surprised yesterday evening to receive:the-versatile-blogger-awardfrom Alex Raphael, who certainly deserved one himself.  Thank you Alex.

As part of the award, I have to say 7 things about me and nominate 15 other cool bloggers.

Here goes:

1. I will be 73 in July, and am enjoying a full and active life, qualified somewhat by 7 below.

2. I had secure and stable childhood which gave me the strength to survive several adult bereavements, all of which have contributed to who I am today. For example, being widowed and a single parent at 22 brought about an entire change of career.

3. I have 5 children by three different wives, two of whom have died. To date there are 8 grandchildren.

4. My interests include art, literature and photography.

5. It is fascinating how my enthusiasms have changed over the years. Having been a keen sportsman of generally average ability, I now don’t even know who is playing what. Similarly, I set top level cryptic crosswords for twenty years, until losing interest three years ago. Blogging has taken over – for as long as it may last.

6. Having spent a lifetime living and/or working in London, I am enjoying retirement between The New Forest and the south coast.

7. A problem with my right knee has curtailed my long walks for the moment, but I am an optimist, and hope to resume them in due course.

Of all the awards which float around WordPress, Alex has chosen the one I would most have coveted. This is because I do try to vary my material.

I follow almost 200 other blogs, but, I cannot nominate 15 for versatility. Sticking to that criterion, and avoiding those Alex has already nominated, this is my list:

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Of course  I couldn’t follow the instructions without technical help from Alex through an e-mail. Thank you for that too, Alex. Aaron laying brick paths Patiently and carefully, Aaron made further impressive progress in laying the paths for the new rose garden. The succulent piece of pork Jackie had bought a couple of days ago was far to big for yesterday’s meal. She therefore cut it in half and cooked the second for our dinner tonight. Boiled potatoes, carrots and cabbage were served with it. She drank Hoegaarden and I finished the Malbeck.


  1. 200! That is a lot of reading Derrick – I can’t keep up with all mine at times and have no where near that amount that I regularly read! I know you skipped fairly lightly over it, but really, my heart falters at the thought of your marital losses and all that must have meant to you and your children. I’m made happy again by your current life, interests and awards, despite the wonky knee.

    1. Many thanks Pauline. Fortunately most bloggers don’t post on a daily basis. Especially for the kind thoughts re losses. As you know. i have had hellish periods, but am happy now.

      1. You do seem happy, sir. That is why we love you; we know there is so much behind that happiness.. Congratulations on your well-deserved award!

  2. Congratulations. Well deserved. I didn’t know that about petunias! And your aquilegias – Over here we would call those Columbine.

    1. Thank you seeedbud. We call them Columbines too. Do you know Walter Crane’s ‘Flowers from Shakespeare’s Garden’? – they are in there.

  3. What beautiful color and light you caught in those first two pictures. One reason to get up early! Congratulations on your blog award. Richly deserved.

  4. Congratulations.
    I like the second picture very much.
    I’m one among many who couldn’t believe your age. Your thoughts and writings appears much younger. I see you as a good friend someone of my age.
    And thank you for nominating Protostar. 🙂

  5. Congratulations Derrick on a well deserved award. I love reading your blogs

  6. I just happened to come across this post through the ‘related posts’ section. Nice to know a bit more about you, Derrick. ? Setting crosswords sounds interesting. I know you are getting your knee operated on 18th, so good luck. ? I wouldn’t use the word hope here, instead I ll say that your knee will get better soon ?

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