And What Came Next?

This morning’s bouquet includes: Petunias


Clematis Polish Spirit

clematis Polish Spirit;






and delicate gladioli.


A veritable cacophony reverberated along the kitchen facia as the parent starlings jointly strove to satisfy their screeching offspring.

Whilst Jackie continued the creative gardening, I did the ironing and applied the first layer of wax to the new stair-rails.

This afternoon our friend Harri and her dog Inka came for a brief visit.

I have chosen to illustrate the third of my Five Photos – Five Stories with a set of five photos taken in Brittany in September 1982. They were themselves to provide a board book I made for grandchildren Emily and Oliver quite a few years later.

Whilst I was contemplating getting up in the morning in the bedroom of a gite where Jessica, our two children, and Ann and Don spent an enjoyable holiday, a buzzing on a windowpane alerted me to the presence of a fly. I don’t know where the original book is now, but I will endeavour to write this in the language I would have used for small children.

Fly & Butterfly 9.82 001

One day a fly landed on a curtain flapping in the breeze.

Fly & Butterfly 9.82 002

Suddenly a butterfly landed on the windowpane. The fly looked at it,

Fly & Butterfly 9.82 003

and dropped onto the sill. So did the butterfly.

Fly & Butterfly 9.82 004

The fly walked towards the butterfly and did a little dance.

Fly & Butterfly 9.82 005

They reached out a hand to each other, and –

What came next?

Each of the children gave what may be considered a stereotypical response. If you would like to suggest a suitable finale, I will wait a couple of days before revealing what my grandchildren said. I wonder if anyone will match them.

This evening we dined at The Family House in Totton, enjoying set meal M3 in the usual friendly atmosphere. We both drank Tsingtao beer.


  1. I think that is a great story for children and the photos are an amazing catch! I am captivated by them and have never seen such an interaction before. Matching your story, my first thought is the fly asked the butterfly to dance. I’m curious to know what the grand kids responded – also what Bruce will come up with 🙂

    1. I’ll reveal the children’s comments in a couple of days. You and Bruce are pretty close to the the stereotypes, interestingly enough. Thank you Pauline. Actually, I’ve never seen such an interaction before or since.

  2. The fly says to the butterfly, ‘will I grow up to be like you one day’? The butterfly answers, ‘be good and when you get to heaven, you will!’

    Well, it’s a fairy tale, right? 🙂

    Or, the fly says to the butterfly, ‘give me a kiss and I’ll turn into a prince’. The butterfly answers, ‘give me a kiss and I’ll flap you off this planet with my wings!’

  3. They introduced themselves and shook hands. The Butterfly said, “have you had breakfast? Want to go to Petunia’s?” The Fly responded, “Sure for starters. Then maybe we can fly on to Tip’s later.” They had a nice meal, but found they didn’t have much in common.

  4. So many lovely photos, but the two I liked best was the first of the petunia and the one of the fly against the bright white curtain. For a moment, it looked like the fly was on my monitor – it was that crisp and clear.

  5. Green thumbs at your place!!! So many beautiful photos of beautiful flowers.
    I can’t wait to hear what the children said. The photos are quite impressive! I think the fly and the butterfly look like they are posed for a fight. But, children’s stories usually have happy endings.

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