Nest Building

For some time now, Aaron, our very own Green Man, has been working his way through the removal of the stumps of the old grizelinia hedging that he cut down a year or two back. This morning he completed the task. We now have several clusters of snake’s head fritillaries; orange and yellow epimedium, whichContinue reading “Nest Building”

Garden Housework

CLICKING ON ANY IMAGE IN A GROUP ACCESSES ITS GALLERY, INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS OF WHICH CAN BE VIEWED FULL SIZE BY SCROLLING DOWN AND CHECKING BOX AT BOTTOM RIGHT Throughout the garden we have prolific clusters of small orange and yellow poppies that shed their petals each day. Regular dead-heading encourages further growth. It has beenContinue reading “Garden Housework”

The Rose Garden Bench

Two tall roses in the Oval Bed have responded so well to nurturing that they needed more stakes. This morning, after embedding stout wooden poles and tying up the plants, we moved back into the rose garden the bench I had built last year using the cast iron sides we had found in the makeshiftContinue reading “The Rose Garden Bench”

‘I Want Light’

I forgot to mention watching the cricket highlights yesterday. I’m sure that had nothing whatever to do with the fact that Australia declared their innings closed at 566 runs for 8 wickets, and England followed with 85 for 4. In order to bid good morning to the horses in the Yeatton Cottage paddock, I tookContinue reading “‘I Want Light’”


Yesterday evening’s volcanic skies, casting an ochre glow on everything beneath them, delivered just a few heavy drops of the promised overnight rain. Ushering in the month of July, today was even hotter and more humid, yet largely overcast. My early task was the dead-heading of roses, and lifting soil-filled window boxes onto the headContinue reading “UKCSI”

And What Came Next?

This morning’s bouquet includes: petunias; clematis Polish Spirit; foxgloves; ¬†hydrangeas; and delicate gladioli. A veritable cacophony reverberated along the kitchen facia as the parent starlings jointly strove to satisfy their screeching offspring. Whilst Jackie continued the creative gardening, I did the ironing and applied the first layer of wax to the new stair-rails. This afternoonContinue reading “And What Came Next?”

A Battle-Scarred Red Admiral

Had I had no success with the computer problems that beset me this morning, you would not be reading this post, and I may have gone off my rocker. Yesterday afternoon I found I could not, it seemed, access the internet on my Windows 8 laptop. After much grappling, I realised that the internet pages,Continue reading “A Battle-Scarred Red Admiral”