Maybe The Plants Were Sweating

This, the hottest day of the year so far, was so humid and overcast as to be energy-sapping and mood lowering.

Raindrops on peach rose 1Raindrops on peach rose 2

Raindrops on red rose

Raindrops on red climber

Even the overnight rain couldn’t muster the enthusiasm to slide from the weeping roses, doing their best to brighten the day.

Insects on rose

The head gardener, yesterday, had expressed pleasure that the photograph of Elizabeth’s rose had not sported any insects. I was unable to persuade these to leave this crisp yellow one. Perhaps they were taking a refreshing drink.

iris foetidissima

The unidentified delicate iris I featured a few days ago is in fact an iris foetidissima. They are now cropping up everywhere, in a multitude of colours. Named because they are supposed to stink, if ours do, the pong has not yet reached my nostrils.

Stepping stones

Maybe all the plants were simply sweating, as was I when I laid a small set of the stepping stones that Jackie has been placing in the beds in order to provide access. This one was needed to save a trek round to what we call the Dead End Path that comes to a halt at the patio wall.

This afternoon I began reading Truman Capote’s ‘In Cold Blood’, which I am already finding difficult to put down, although I had to do so later, for we lit a bonfire.

Mr Pink provided our crispy cod and chips dinner. We supplied our own Garners pickled onions. Jackie drank Hoegaarden and I quaffed more of the cabernet sauvignon.

Published by derrickjknight

I am a septuagenarian enjoying rambling physically and photographing what I see, and rambling in my head as memories are triggered. I also ramble through a lifetime's photographs

28 thoughts on “Maybe The Plants Were Sweating

  1. We call it “muggy” weather, around my place, and it is indeed “energy sapping and mood lowering”…..if the foetid iris doesn’t smell in this kind of weather, it probably won’t at all.

  2. My aunt had an ant in her rose! (Do you have that saying over there? – or words to that effect). And send some of that heat over here. I’ve plenty of chill to share.

  3. My kind of weather. I took a walk today after lunch and a kindred spirit at work suggested a meeting in the courtyard (we drank iced water), which I happily accepted. I feel as though I’m actually a photovoltaic cell and must absorb as much summer sun as possible before the cold sets in again. I think it was 33 or so here today (at least 94F). Ah, just love it.

  4. I just love that third photo, of the raindrop too depressed to slide off the rose petal. In Cold Blood – that’s one I have wanted to read for some time. I think I’ll queue it up next on Well here’s hoping that you find a cool breeze soon!

  5. I also read ‘In Cold Blood’ with morbid fascination. Here in Istanbul I have not been able to read (other than blogs) though I have a few books with me as always. I don’t think your roses are complaining about hot and humid weather; they look marvellous. Now I am hungry for fish and chips though it’s only seven in the morning. I must breakfast.

  6. “If all mankind were to disappear, the world would regenerate back to the rich state of equilibrium that existed ten thousand years ago. If insects were to vanish, the environment would collapse into chaos.” E. O. Wilson

    “We hope that, when the insects take over the world, they will remember with gratitude how we took them along on all our picnics.” Bill Vaughan 🙂

  7. I read Capote’s ‘In Cold Blood’ several years ago. It’s quite horrific in that it’s based on true events.

    I like Capote’s writing. I like some of his reminisces about his Southern youth; quite different from what you’re reading now.

    I have a biography of Capote on my reading list. I’ve just started a Stephen King book (‘Revival’); once I finish that, I’m starting the Capote bio.

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