Ann Won The Contest


Leaving Jackie prancing, sans crutches, about the house, on another glorious morning I wandered around the garden, down the lane, and along the footpath between the fields of Roger Cobb, the only local farmer who respects ramblers’ right to roam.

Clematis Diversifolia Hendersonii

Rising above our front fence, we now have a clematis Diversifolia Hendersonii.

Poppy 1Poppy 2Poppy 3Poppies

In the main garden there are more varieties of poppy;

Day lily 1Day lily 2Day lily 3

and day lily.

Fly on blaberry leaves

A fly on a blackberry leaf in the hedgerow on Downton Lane reminded me of my late friend Ann Eland and her naming of our Newark dog, Paddy. The family pet was a puppy collie/labrador cross. A very gentle dog, she was never actually cross. On one of Ann’s visits with her husband, Don, we had a competition to name the new puppy. Paddy was black, with white paws. Ann won the contest.

Pet Blay

At one corner of the barley field I met and had an enjoyable and interesting conversation with a neighbour, Pete Blay, who was walking with his dog, Dave. Pete is a sports psychology coach. He can be found on He told me that deer are often seen in the field. Sam and I had seen a stag in the field on the other side of Christchurch Road a couple of days ago.

This evening we dined at La Vina in Lymington, where we were joined by Ian who is spending the remainder of the weekend with us. We enjoyed our meals, a variety of tapas, paella, and tortilla. The service was very efficient, if rather slow. They were very full. So were we by the time we left. Becky drank merlot and the rest of us drank Estrella.


    1. Thank you,6666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 Cynthia (I fell asleep whilst typing this 🙂

  1. Maybe being white and black is the secret. That lane is something from my childhood, Derrick, with its grassy middle. And of course, your varieties of poppies are just riveting.

  2. Come to think of it, I have not seen as many flies around for a while, and we were famous for it. Maybe due to the advertising success of Mortein, a brand of pesticide/fly spray. The new fad is for antiseptics in everything – KILL GERMS. We’re so stupid. Good to hear that Jackie is ‘prancing’.

  3. Vivid, gorgeous flowers.

    All my dogs have had human names: Frank; Joey; Sammy; Max – and now the girls, Chloe and Jasmine.

    Perhaps my name should be Spot…

  4. Grr, if I could catch farmer’s who don’t restore footpaths I’d string them up. Glad you know one who isn’t on the dark side…

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