After The Rain 1

SPOILER ALERT! Don’t read to the end if you are watching the rugby recorded.


This morning Jackie weeded and planted chrysanthemums in the front garden, whilst I dug out the remaining roots of the ficus in preparation for planting the pansies.

Roots of ficus

In the event, a heavy thunderstorm ruled out putting the pansies to bed. They were therefore plonked in their trays. Even though the rain ceased, enabling us to finalise the preparation and wander round the garden, the soil was far too muddy.

The sun emerged for a while. The rain ceased, but continued to drip from the trees and the shrubbery. Battered blooms bore watery blisters.

Raindrops on geraniums 1Raindrops on geraniums 2

These included geraniums;

Raindrops on Ginger lily

Ginger lilies;

Raindrops on rose peach

roses unknown,

Raindrops on rose Altissimo


Raindrops on leaves of rose Deep Secret

and the leaves of Deep Secret;

Raindrops on dahlia Bishop of Llandaff

dahlia Bishop of Llandaff;

Raindrops on sweet peas

sweet peas;

Raindrops on Verbena

and verbena to name a few.

Echinaceas and chrysanthemums

Echinaceas and chrysanthemums, and others in Elizabeth’s Bed have been well watered.

View along dead end path

Here are views down the Dead End Path;

View along Brick Path

across the New Bed to the Brick Path;

View across Heligan path

and across the Heligan Path.

Our dinner this evening, consisting of Jackie’s superb chicken jalfrezi and pilau rice, was taken on trays on our knees, as we watched the opening match in the rugby World Cup, in which England beat Fiji by 35 points to 11. I drank more of the malbec while Jackie drank Hoegaarden. I didn’t spill too much curry down my sweatshirt.


  1. I believe I am going to be forced to watch the rugby world cup this year! But not that match fortunately. I probably shouldn’t tell you this but my daughter was hoping Fiji would win, she will be crushed 🙂 Glad you didn’t make too much mess on your shirt front with the curry Derrick. Perhaps it is time to bib you? Also must say how impressed I am with the clarity of your rain drop shots – I was trying to capture some the other day and am completely hopeless at it!

      1. The Official Photographer one Derrick – she is staying here for a while with her giant TV and likes to follow the major sporting events – whereas I have no interest in anything other than cricket………. and by the time cricket season rolls round again both she and the giant TV will be gone ……

  2. You are certainly bearing the brunt of the recent bad weather where you are. I’m afraid to tell you that we’ve had sun here all day although heavy rain was forecast…and we’re not a million miles away up here in Surrey! It was Davis Cup tennis for us tonight, by the way. Rugby? What rugby….?

  3. I have the biggest crush on raindrop-studded petals — & these are gorgeous. that ginger lily is especially sculptural and beautiful in your shot. Thank you for sharing!!

  4. Oh my, I bet it smells nice in the garden after that rain. Everything looks glorious! I continue to cut and enjoy my sweet peas here, though not for too much longer I’m afraid. Nights are getting very cool even though the days have been pleasant. Alys and I were at Butchart Gardens in Victoria BC Canada last summer. They had a walkway with the most amazing Dalia’s…..a couple as big as my head.

  5. Love the freshness of the gardens after the rain – everything looks bright, clean and fresh with the rain drops glistening from the sunlight. Love your gardens ~

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