Droop Street

Rain kept us out of the garden for much of the day, although Jackie did manage some planting later on.

I scanned some colour slides from June and July 1974.

The story of our three month occupation of an empty children’s home in Droop Street, London, W.10 is told in my post ‘The Cake Is A Lie’. This is where these photographs were taken.

A selection includes

Jessica 6.74 001


Becky 6.74 002


Matthew 6.74

Matthew 7.74


Michael 6.74 002

Michael 7.74 001


Eddie 7.74

his friend Eddie,

Joseph 6.74

and my brother, Joseph.

Observant readers may have spotted that the picture of Becky was used as a model for one of the illustrations to her book.

We dined this evening on chicken Kiev, ratatouille with tomatoes for courgettes, boiled carrots, cauliflower, green beans, and new potatoes. I drank Parra Alta malbec 2015. Jackie had already drunk her Hoegaarden, watching the solar lights come on from a seat in the rose garden.


    1. Yes, thank you Pauline, I do try to just sit and enjoy for at least half an hour a day, looking forward to making that an hour in the future!

      1. I am glad to hear that Jackie. Derrick mentions constantly that you are working in the garden and such a place of beauty needs to be enjoyed as much as possible. I would happily come and sit in it for enjoyment duties if needed 🙂

  1. Yes, that garden (and its tenders) deserves some quiet sitting. I do like Eddie’s purple leisure suit. The picture is charming and immediately placeable in time. Not sure placeable is a word, but…

  2. For some reason people looked more real in the seventies. They look so facsimile nowadays, everyone seems the same. I like and shall ever like, the imperfect beauty of yesteryear

    1. Thank you, Candice. As so often, I share your views. I also think digital photography, although it is a marvellous tool for posting on a daily basis, loses something in its polished perfection.

        1. I think digital doesn’t distinguish between elements of a photo; everything is as clear as everything else. It helps to be on manual setting because you can manage the focussing. I’m sure that is better with more sophisticated cameras and better knowledge than I have

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