‘I’ll Have To Find That Aaron’

Jackie spent another remarkably warm day working on the front garden. I provided sporadic Under Gardener assistance.

Gardman Gothic Arch

First was the final installation of a Gardman Gothic arch she had bought a couple of days ago. The purpose of this is to offer somewhere for the clematis Campaniflora to roam. I had unsuccessfully attempted to drive in a wooden post. My way was impeded by a glint of stoneware. Fortunately investigating before I took an axe to it, I discovered it was a waste pipe leading to the septic tank. I think you’d call that a near miss. Jackie then trained what she had reprieved of the heavily pruned plant to the arch. I know I said, after the last Agriframes effort, that I would only buy ready assembled arches from now on, but Gardman, although less robust, are quite gentle on the nerves.

Front garden

We then replenished the gravelly soil with the addition of earth from the narrowed bed round the side, topped off with the Humix manure mixture. Two blue planters atop brick pillars have been filled with pansies.

Jackie and Aaron on back drive

Aaron, meanwhile, continued his work on the griselinia hedge along the back drive. I was delighted to learn that my blog posts have served the hoped for purpose of advertising this young man’s excellent work. He told me that the new customer he was to visit this afternoon had discovered my blog and seen in particular his relaying of the old brick path. She had mentioned this to a friend of hers, saying that she just had to find him. ‘Oh, I know Aaron. He has worked for me for eight years’, was the reply.

Rose Summer Wine

We have certainly not seen the last of the Summer Wine roses.

Rose For Your Eyes Only

These, at first glance, are very similar to For Your Eyes Only, which is sending shoots loaded with buds in all directions.

Jackie fed us this evening on her delicious sausage casserole, crisp carrots and Brussels sprouts, and mashed potato and swede. She drank Hoegaarden and I drank sparkling water.


    1. They are among my favorites too, similar colours, but one has a lighter coloured centre (Summer Wine) whilst the other has a dark middle and lighter edges to the petal (‘For your eyes only’ a persicaria rose and this is unique to this type of rose) I only have 3 unscented roses in my rose garden the Persicaria is one of them but what she lacks in perfume……well!

  1. Like Bruce, I am partial to these simpler, less tight-petalled roses….they remind me of the rugosa roses that grew wild everywhere when I lived by the sea…..

  2. This is the first time I have seen there is an actual house close to yours Derick – the clever garden planning gives the impression of space and isolation. Or the clever photography angles …. How lovely that Aaron’s fame is spreading and he is getting lots of work. Soon you will have to book him months in advance!

  3. Imagine if you’d gone through the pipe you would have skipped a step by adding something to your garden that you didn’t have to buy in a bag 🙂

  4. I would argue that the Gardman arch is as robust as the Agriframes ones, but I am sure that you found it less nerve (w)racking to assemble!!

  5. Those roses! The color. They are absolutely lovely and even if one of them doesn’t have much of a scent, I think I’d still be admiring it after bringing my nose out of it. So glad your Aaron is getting jobs because of you. And very glad you didn’t take an axe to that pipe!

  6. Hey, great news that Aaron got some work through the help of your blog. My friend M impressed upon me years ago how important it is to spread the word about people and companies who help you out, since that is incredibly valuable advertising. I have tried to remember to do that in my blog. So glad to hear that blogging actually works this way!!

  7. A beautiful garden layout in progress, coming together beautifully, I envisage much pleasure at the completion of the project, I also love putting my garden together, it may not look much at the start but the results are well worth the efforts

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