Sisyphus Reincarnate

Front gravel pathToday dawned with fog, and remained overcast. Yesterday was apparently the warmest November day here since records began, and it wasn’t much cooler today.

Work continued in the front garden. We gravelled the widened side path with the last of the shingle left over from the back drive. My contribution was to transport barrow loads of the material for Jackie to rake smooth. I then brought down the sixteen bricks needed for a third pillar, and handed them to the artist who built it. Just in case anyone thinks these are marvellously cemented creations, they are dry brick pillars. Still marvellous, of course.Maple reshaped

Jackie reshaped the green maple near the patio.

Clippings pile

I added the branches to the growing heap now lining the back drive. This time, making a change from combustion, we intend to hire what Aaron calls a chipper to mulch them.

This afternoon we made a start on clearing the carpet of beech leaves, and weeds, in the rose garden, in preparation for composting the soil.

Derrick sweepin leaves

Observing how many leaves are still to fall, Jackie gave me the epithet Sisyphus Reincarnate.

Carpet rose pink

Behind the black bag in the bottom left of the picture spreads a pink carpet rose.


Penstemons, such as this delicate pastel pink, planted for variety among the roses, are thriving.

John blowing leaves

The first Sisyphus was John, who gardened at Minstead.

This evening we dined on roast belly of pork topped with mustard and almonds; crisp cauliflower and cabbage; and boiled potatoes. Jackie drank Hoegaarden, and I drank Funnel Blower, a ‘dark vanilla porter’. This latter tasted of chocolate. Not a good idea.


  1. All your hard work comes to fruition when you see results like those penstemons – lovely. ( BTW – I never heard of them before)

  2. I like how dressed up you look in the garden, raking leaves. Jackie’s menu sounds delicious, Derrick. I don’t like porter, but enjoy summer shanty, wine and port with dessert. Your cleared path and gardens look “spiffy!” The “penstemons” in pale pink are so delicate looking and pretty. 🙂
    ** I like your new nickname, very appropos.

  3. I can’t believe how green everything is in your world. Over here everything is tending towards brown, beige, with a few stubborn orange maple leaves hanging on like a bad cold. Just call me envious in Ottawa.

  4. Your rose is still looking very healthy and I love the blush pink edge on the penstemon. Sorry about all the leaves – I hate raking them when they get wet.

  5. Enjoyable post mate, love to see a garden coming together and being created with team work,
    Flowers look great and chipping to mulching is an excellent idea, turn it back into your own soil.
    An excellent choice of Pork roast belly, done with a lovely Rosemary gravy and a nice pot of Keens mustard, you can’t go wrong.

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