A Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On

Today, I identified, dated, and scanned another batch of loose negatives from 1983.

The first was one of Louisa at Fontaine in France on one of the Memorable Holidays posted on May 18th this year. For that illustration, not having the negative to hand, I had scanned a print.

Hannah and Ben 5.83

Hannah, Ben and Sam 5.83 1

In May of 1983 Jessica, Sam, Louisa, Matthew, Becky and I paid a visit to Giles and Gill and their children Hannah and Ben in their home at the village of Penn Street near Amersham. It was a beautiful day, but not quite windy enough for Matthew, who wanted the children to experience a cherry blossom storm. So, what did he do? He sneaked up into the tree and shook the branches, sending flickering cherry blossom cascading down. This was even better than snow.

Sam 1983 1Sam 1983 2Sam bouncing 1983003Sam 1983 4Back at home, in Gracedale Road, probably that same month, Sam decided to shake himself up when he used a duvet as a trampoline in the back garden where the washing was drying. This set of pictures could not be complete without the one of Sam’s headless body. I didn’t have the negative of this, so I scanned a print.

I do hope that duvet was very well filled, with a tog rating of 13.5.

Later that year, probably after we returned from the French trip, we holidayed near Cerrigydrudion in North Wales, where friends Anne and Don were refurbishing their recently acquired house.

Sam, N. Wales 1983Sam and Louisa N. Wales 1983Louisa N. Wales 1983

Sam was soon at the wheel of an elderly tractor, whilst Louisa engaged the attention of the cattle.

Misty landscape

I think this misty shot down the valley must have been taken early one morning.

For today’s title, I am indebted to the incomparable Jerry Lee Lewis.

This evening we dined on a Hordle Chinese Take Away meal. I finished the Madiran and Jackie drank Hoegaarden.

35 thoughts on “A Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On

  1. There are some pictures that immediately touch one’s heart, Derrick the first of the cherry blossom storm raining down blossom petals are priceless, but then so are all the others. Love this post.

  2. Oh, the faces on those kids in the cherry blossoms. That is precious. I also love the tractor photos. I think the chickens in his barn must be mine…I cannot keep those girls at home. I’m afraid their reputation may be ruined….

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  4. A delightful blog in memory Derrick, unforgettable moments in time, and truly captured with the excellent imagination of Mathew unleashing a Cherry Blossom shower.

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