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Today’s winds were, if anything, even faster than yesterday’s. The morning was, however, dry and sunny. This was when Jackie provided the solution predicted by  Pauline had faith that Jackie would come up with an answer to the battering that the plastic self-assembled greenhouses have been subjected to for the last week or so.

The Grow-arcs have been removed from the side of the house, separated, and firmly fixed elsewhere.

Grow-arc 1

One is screwed to the fence between front and back gardens;

Grow-arc 2

the other to the back of the garden shed.

Anyone who has followed my blog for any length of time will be aware that many items of our predecessors’ dubious D.I.Y. efforts still bore price labels and bar codes attached to their materials, often upside down.

Brass bracket on Grow-arc

Therefore, in keeping with the custom, Jackie left a Milford Supplies price label stuck on one of the brass brackets that hold the greenhouses in place.

These structures remained firm in the face of today’s gales.

I spent much of the afternoon perfecting and e-mailing my submission to livelytwist.

This evening we dined on pork rack of ribs in barbecue sauce, Jackie’s delicious special fried rice, and runner beans. The Cook drank Hoegaarden, whilst my choice was Trivento reserve Malbec 2014.


    1. Big smile and a curtsey, ta Cynthia. I just need time to a) get cross. b) calm down and shrug my shoulders. c) start to think. d) do something!

    1. Time will tell of course, but I hope to have at least got one year out of them before the constant gusts tear the plastic covers!

  1. Brilliant bit of ingenuity by Jackie.
    I love the nod to the previous caretakers, with the upside down bracket…. I’d smile every time I looked at it.

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