‘Where’s The Asparagus?’

This morning our friend Barrie visited with two books to donate to the library. These were ‘The Road to Little Dribbling’ by Bill Bryson, and Neil Grant’s ‘Village London’, both of which reminded him of my blog posts. We had our usual entertaining conversation.

I spent much of the day continuing with Gwen Wilson’s autobiographical gem, ‘I Belong To No One’.

Macaroni cheese meal


Macaroni cheese

This evening Becky treated us all to an Italian meal. Olives, feta, and bruschetta preceded the antipasti, which were followed by macaroni cheese containing halves of boiled egg topped by ham and melted cheese. The secret ingredient giving the dish a certain piquancy was horseradish sauce. Choice of lemon meringue pie, chocolate eclairs, or custard tarts were offered for dessert. Becky drank Cimarosa Pedro Jimenez, Jackie drank Peroni, and I drank more El Sotillo. Ian was happy with water.

We were all forced to have second helpings of the main course to do justice to the succulent, tender, asparagus shoots that had been inadvertently left in a saucepan over the electric hob. Jackie’s cry of ‘where’s the asparagus?’ alerted us to this fact.


  1. Oh, that macaroni cheese sound scrumptious! Do you think that Becky would be kind enough to share her recipe? You seem to lead a very nice life, with lots of time to read and then being wined and dined to your heart’s content every evening. ?

  2. Now I am hungry, Derrick. And here is midnight. What to do? I’ll go rummaging through the fridge :)) You torture us as Mary Tang says 🙂

  3. The meal was a treat. Becky follows Jackie with superb cuisine; the macaroni cheese is a joy to behold. Derrick, you are a lucky man to have such company!

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