Rockford Common

Bread and camellia

This still life arrangement needed no tweaking from me. Even the January morning sunlight was warm enough to defrost the bread.

Rockford Common 1Rockford Common 2

After lunch Ian drove us through the forest until we arrived at Rockford Common which we eagerly explored.

Ian and pony

Ian left off his conversation with one pony to warn me that another was rapidly advancing on me from behind.

Ponies 1

The creature was momentarily nose to nose with me, but moved off and continued chomping grass,

Ponies 2Ponies 3Pony 1Pony 2

with companions spread around the area.

Rockford Common 4Tree backlitRockford Common 5

I wandered around on my own for a while,

Becky, Ian and Scooby on hill 2

until spotting Becky, Ian, and Scooby on top of the sandy hill.

Becky, Scooby, and Pony

Our daughter and her dog followed Ian back down.

Rockford Common 8Scooby on Rockford Common Rockford Common 7

Becky then led me back up to the top where we walked along a footpath,

Rockford Common 6Rockford Common 9

then returned the way we had come. We looked down on the ponies with which I had earlier been communing.

The Royal Oak, Gorley

Back in the car, on the way home we stopped for a pleasant drink at the attractive Royal Oak pub in North Gorley.

This evening we reprised yesterday’s macaroni cheese meal, without the asparagus. Jackie and Ian both drank Peroni, and I started on the last bottle of El Sotillo.


  1. Laurie Graves said that the winter light is clear, clear, clear. So it is and you have captured some great images in that light. I am impressed by the tenacity of those trees, clinging to the degraded slopes for life.

  2. Another beautiful walk with such lovely pictures. I love all those of the ponies particularly and the contrejour picture of the bare tree against the sky filled with clouds. Thanks for sharing Derrick

  3. There is quite a lot of forested area in your photos. I was under the impression that most of England’s forest had been cut, but it looks like that is no longer true!

  4. I love the Royal Oak at Gorely – great beer there! Rockford common used to be my favourite place for a picnic, stroll or bike-ride when I lived in the New Forest. Your beautiful photos make me think I should get out there now.

  5. Did you see me? I was right out there walking the trails with you and Becky and Ian – it was a lovely day! Really though your photography of the landscape has been capturing some stunning shots. Love these posts Derrick.

  6. You eagerly explored because you had what to explore, Derrick. Rockford Common is a heavenly place. As I already told you, Derrick, you’re a painter πŸ™‚

  7. Beautiful tranquil green walk. Thanks, my house windows show a blowing snow, I needed a bit of a virtual digital break. πŸ™‚

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