Of Course, It Was Saturday

In retirement it is quite easy to forget which day of the week it is. So it was for me today when Ian drove us all down to The Needles Eye at Milford on Sea.

Until I noticed how many families were active on the beach. Of course. It was Saturday.

The cafe was buzzing. With people, not insects. We enjoyed plentiful lunches, mine, of course, consisting of an all day breakfast.

Before,and afterwards, I photographed various

Walkers along beach 1


Walkers on cliff top 1Pushcahair walker in silhouette

 passers by,

Family on beach 1Jackie, Becky and others on clifftopFamilies on beach 1Families on beach 2Children on beachGroup overlooking beachGrapplers in silhouetteParents and child

and families playing in the mild, if weak, sunshine.

This evening we dined seated on chairs at a table to eat cheese-centred fish cakes, chips and baked beans; and very tasty the meal was, too. We shared a bottle of Thornicher St Michael Riesling 2014.


  1. I was thrilled with your beautiful black and white pictures, Derrick. The two adults looked like they were pushing or wrestling. I liked the delicious two meals you mentioned. Smiles, Robin

  2. looks and sounds like a lovely day! Your ocean pictures remind me of where I live here in Maine. the ocean is amazing and soul filling. your lunch sounded wonderful to!! Peace to you my friend. Michelle

  3. Wonderful pictures! Love the one with the burst of color, too. And, yes, going to a job helps you keep track of the days.

  4. Of course your photos are striking but what struck me like a baseball bat of jealousy was your opening line: “In retirement it is quite easy to forget which day of the week it is.” I feel the rising bile of unstoppable envy. *sigh*

      1. I guess it depends how dedicated you are to reading everything by everyone you follow. As I can’t possibly keep up, I try to drop in at least once or twice a week. So many good writers and interesting lives here in the blogosphere.

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