Which Country Produces Rioja?

This morning Aaron continued decorating the stairs and landing. I made eight 10″ x 8″ prints for Frances and her friend, Maggie. As usual, I will not publish them because they are not my images.

This afternoon, Jackie drove Becky and me to Shelly and Ron’s home in Walkford, where, joined by Helen and Bill, we enjoyed an absolutely splendid roast dinner cooked by Shelly.

We began with a tangy watercress soup.

Ron, Helen, Becky, and JackieDerrick, Bill, Becky, Jackie and ShellyHelenRoast brisket dinner

The main course was brisket of beef served with Yorkshire pudding, crisp roast potatoes and parsnips, perfect broad beans, Brussels sprouts, carrots, and red cabbage flavoured with cloves. The gravy was richly tasty. Desserts, provided by Helen, included a marvellous, moist, tiramisu; lovely layered apple cake and custard; and strawberries and cream.

Ron was busy carving when I photographed the table. Helen was out of focus in the first picture, and missing from the second because she took it. It was only right that I should make one decent image of her. Shelly just managed to put in an appearance in the second photo.

The evening brought ‘silly games’, for which Ian joined us. The first was one where each participant had a name they didn’t know fixed to their forehead. Everyone else could see these. We each had to guess our identity by asking questions to which the answer could only be yes or no. I was the last to get mine. Well, I was the Dalai Lama.

We were also rash enough to embark upon Trivial Pursuit. This can take some time. The end comes when the team that has arrived at a successful answer in each of the six categories must land in the middle of the board and be given final question in a set determined by their collective opponents. By the time the partnership of Becky and Ian landed on centre position the rest of us chose Geography. This is because Ian is a Geography teacher and we thought we could give them a chance to end, as we were all ready for it. The question was one any of us could have answered. See the title above.

Then we went home.


  1. Oh my oh my; that is one of my favourite dinners (I have a lot of favourites, haha). They won; so what –half their team wouldn’t be there without you.

  2. This dinner plate overflowing with brisket of beef, Yorkshire pudding, Brussel sprouts, parsnips, carrots and beets with cloves was so colorful!
    The table was perfectly framed with kknd, smiling faces, Derrick. I like the sound of the yummy desserts, too.
    Playing games is something our family feels is a way to spend time together. Your games sounded like fun and Trivial Pursuit is a challenge for all ages. Great title, too.

  3. I didn’t have a clue what Rioja was – and thought it might have been some exotic Latin American fruit. You’d still be at the table if I was there. I have never finished a game of Trivial Pursuits yet but begin to wilt around midnight. I can never cook Yorkshire pudding. The oven temperature required is different from the roast, and by the time the Y. Pud is done the roast is cool. How’s it done?

    1. Bruce, I can’t decide if it would have been fun to have you there or simply cruel. It certainly would have been a learning curve – for many.

      You take the meat out to ‘rest’ then whack the temp up to over 200 degs and the YPs are done in minutes

  4. Well what can one say? The best team obviously won cos we’ve got brains and use them, innit!! Really do not understand why you were so slow getting your character. Never mind, too much Rioja, again. Stunning picture of Helen, by the way.

  5. Oh, the food and the fun! We always played Trivial Pursuit the “quicker” way. A correct answer anywhere on the board would qualify for one of the game wedges. This cut the playing time by at least half, but the game was still plenty long enough 😉

    1. That’s what we did, Laurie. Also, there were 8 of us so we paired up to make 4 teams. Still to long enough!

      1. We always played in teams, too. And you’re right. Even playing the fast way, Trivial Pursuit is plenty long enough 🙂 But fun.

      1. Now that’s what I call an endurance game! You’re made of stronger stuff than we are 😉

  6. Love board games! Glad you found a good one to enjoy. We get together with folks at times to play games on Saturday nights and my grandchildren still enjoy them as well. Some of my faves are the old ones–checkers, dominoes, Scrabble. (Hmm… I may write a post about the many I love.) And such a friendly table. A life well lived.

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