Spring In Sight

Today began our first serious joint preparation for 2016 garden work.


This view of the Heligan Path shows early spring flowers sharing billets with hellebores.


Wherever we look there are snowdrops in profusion; many different daffodils;


a variety of crocuses;


and even a proud pink hyacinth.

Jackie on Heligan Path bench

Taking the occasional rest on the Heligan Path bench,

Palm Bed

The Head Gardener continued last autumn’s work on the Palm Bed,

Jackie pruning grass 1Jackie pruning grass 2

in particular, pruning the ornamental grass. Two of the camellias, hung with floral decorations, can be seen in the background of the first of these two pictures.


My contribution was to cut this grass,

pick up some of winter’s fallen branches, and help Jackie load some of the griselinia hedge cuttings into the car. The heap of these stretches the length of the back drive. We have decided the best disposal method is to bag them up in the large canvas gravel containers and cart them to Efford Recycling Centre. My lady had filled two bags. We took them away, one per trip. Naturally we returned with a large terra cotta plant pot.

Mr Pink’s fish and chips, for our meal this evening, was supplemented by Mrs Garner’s pickled onions; Mr Lidl’s Freshona pickled cornichons;Β and, in Jackie’s case, Hoegaarden, and in mine, more of the madiran.


  1. The brave little pink hyacinth was such a lovely treat. We have a rare crocus or bloom but still receiving snow fall so best they are staying safe underground. I like the way Jackie finds a place to rest and soak in the garden. You, my friend, are often so busy working I worry you don’t get to relax on the bench, too.

      1. I do know Jackie does lots of projects and cooking fantastic meals, too. Glad to hear you take breaks from the gardening chores, Derrick. Maybe we need to see you sitting on a bench, too. πŸ™‚

  2. Spring and fall: the busiest times in the garden. All that clean-up work is not for the weak of back or the faint of heart! Derrick, I hope you’ve been exercising in preparation (not just consuming your wife’s great meals… Big smile)

  3. I enjoyed the photos. It’s quite cold here still, though the crocuses and miniature fleur-de-lis are poking through the bedding.

    We had bare ground for a few days so I cut down the mum, the hostas, and one of the sedum that make up my winter garden. Then it snowed again, but maybe this weekend I’ll be able to prune the trees and the azalias.

  4. You must build a swing seat; I recommend it though you might get less done.:) Strange how the mere change of season invigorates us. I’ve noticed the days getting shorter and suddenly I am wanting to get more done in the garden.

  5. An excellent way to spend the day, Derrick. Among many beauties and their fragrance. You have a small universe there and I like it very much. πŸ™‚

  6. After a busy day in the garden, fish and chips seem like just the thing. Love that little stool that Jackie is using. My knees are so creaky that I can’t kneel on the ground anymore. Fortunately, I have a flexible spine and can still bend. Anyway, I’m going to be on the lookout for a stool like Jackie’s.

    1. Those things are very clever: we have one, too. You can use them inverted to kneel close to the ground but insulated from it: the seat (in the orientation Jackie’s using it) is padded underneath, and the feet (ditto) can act as side-handles to lever yourself up from that low position.
      And Cynthia (Reeves) it would make a very good push-ups exercizer.

  7. Your Garden is a veritable artistic playground, something is always being done to the picture, it’s obvious you derive much pleasure in your garden.
    I haven’t had a good feed of Fish and Chips with Pickled onions for years.
    I mean the original ones, wrapped in newspaper, and when you opened the end the steam would come out with the aroma of salt and vinegar.

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