An Arboreal Charnel House

Although still breezy and somewhat nippy, our morning’s weather was much brighter. Accompanied by chirruping small birds, the screeching of the greenfinch, the cooing of doves, the repeated mating plea of a wood pigeon, and the gentle buzzing of the bees, Jackie continued her various plantings such as those in tubs, stone urns, box containersContinue reading “An Arboreal Charnel House”

Spring In Sight

Today began our first serious joint preparation for 2016 garden work. This view of the Heligan Path shows early spring flowers sharing billets with hellebores. Wherever we look there are snowdrops in profusion; many different daffodils; a variety of crocuses; and even a proud pink hyacinth. Taking the occasional rest on the Heligan Path bench,Continue reading “Spring In Sight”