Container Delivery

Today we transported four more bags of cuttings to Efford Recycling Centre.

Cuttings bags

The first two,

Back drive

giving us the sense of a light at the end of the tunnel,

we disposed of before lunch. For most of the winter the heaps have lain the length of the left hand side of the drive. Most are from the griselinia hedge that Aaron trimmed in the autumn.

daffodils, pansies, primroses

The left hand corner of the entrance, beyond our five-barred gate, was continually being driven over by vehicles entering and leaving the care home alongside. We have finally constructed a suitable deterrent. The chain is actually plastic, but it works, and these daffodils, pansies, and primroses remain unscathed.

Shady path

Here is a current view centred on The Shady Path,

Gazebo Path

and another on the Gazebo Path.


Birds, like these crows, often stand sentinel on the scrawny oak across Christchurch Road.

My replacement inks were delivered this afternoon, so I was able to complete the best part of my allocation of the flyer printing after we drove the last two bags of cuttings to the dump.

Container delivery 1Container delivery 2

At the moment the two huge containers dedicated to garden greenery are constantly being filled and emptied again. When we arrived for our third trip, the huge structure to the filling of which we had contributed this morning was being replaced by another. Watching the driver reversing his lorry into the very narrow space available, I was full of admiration for his skill.

Terra Cotta pipes

This morning’s recycling haul was six terra cotta pipes which we bagged in order to test The Head Gardener’s ingenuity. She’s bound to find some use for them.

Chairs - aluminium

This afternoon we returned with  pair of aluminium garden chairs in need of a nattier coat of blue. They went straight into the front gardener’s rest.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s super sausage casserole; mashed potato; and crisp cauliflower and broccoli. I finished the El Sotillo. Jackie abstained.


    1. Thanks , glad you like the chairs they match the house, and I am getting a very blue theme going in the front garden.

      1. I must say I rather like that shade of blue. Can’t see it needs changing. And, unless it’s a trick of the lighting, they look a very good match for the one round the back.

  1. I’m not sure of the size of those terra cotta pipes, but what immediately popped into my mind was …wind chimes, an amazing terra cotta wind chime…

    1. Also, as they’re all the same length, you wouldn’t get the harmonies you get with a purpose-made set. Unless they pick up a tile saw on their next trip to the recycling centre…

  2. Great tip finds. The terra cotta pipes would make good worm farms; just bury them and cap with terra cotta saucers; then all your kitchen waste can be tipped into them. The worms will come running. 🙂 A figure of speech. They can double up as pedestals for pots or ornaments as you rotate the use of them one by one. They can look quite interesting if they were buried at different heights. OK I am letting my imagination run wild.

    1. Hi Mary, I am obsessed with raising the garden up, so will probably use them as pedestals, but I do like your other ideas too, maybe there will be more next time I go to the dump.

  3. The Shady Path and Gazebo Path are gorgeous, Derrick 🙂 And now you have two blue lovely chairs. I know you’ve worked hard but all you’ve done is fantastic.
    Have a fabulous day, Derrick! 🙂

  4. You are so right about the skill of drivers who can reverse a large vehicle with no apparent effort. I am not usually a great fan of caravans, but I can certainly admire the skill of somebody who can reverse one of those.

    1. I’ve never done it but, because I did coach-driver training at a school that taught articulated lorry-driving, I heard the technique discussed. It’s made doubly tricky because you have to steer the motive unit (e.g. the lorry cab, or the car, if towing a trailer) in the opposite direction (left-right-wards) from the way you want the trailer to end up. Just thinking about it did my head in, but I guess you find out that it works when you do it.

  5. Before you know it, your garden will be on a visitors map as a top place to see!! I’m curious to see what Jackie does with the pipes, I have a couple of ideas.

  6. That bold blue paint on those chairs reaaly brightens up this corner. I like the pretty potted flowering plants. I spied the oasis of green in one of the first views you shared, Derrick. Jackie definitely creates a heavenly area of paradise. 🙂

  7. I really enjoyed the birds-eye view here. I’m frequently trying to envision the garden. I’m not very good at putting a whole image together, even when I have seen many views of the different parts. I’ve seen Jackie’s map, and it’s also fun to see a photograph from above. Since the next shot after those were shots of crows, I thought you were going to say that you had been up in the tree with them, haha.

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