The Reuse Shop

This morning Jackie worked on clearing the Lawn Bed in readiness for renewed planting. I, in the meantime, jammed as many bags of recyclable garden refuse into the Modus before we drove them to the Efford recycling centre. This is the first time we have visited since before Covid, but Jackie was keen to maintainContinue reading “The Reuse Shop”


Today the unrelenting gloom developed as the day progressed. The leaden sky became more so, although the temperature was reasonably warm when, this morning I jammed more than 20 of our garden refuse bags into the Modus, leaving about 10 in our pile. After lunch, Jackie having secured a half hour slot at the EffordContinue reading “Gloom”

Heroes From Across The Pond

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. THOSE IN GROUPS ACCESS GALLERIES THAT CAN BE VIEWED FULL SIZE. This morning we carried bags of rubble from the fireplace work, neatly stacked by Barry and Owen, to the Efford Recycling Centre. In the car, of course. It is a sign of the times that what we could previouslyContinue reading “Heroes From Across The Pond”

The Ugly Ducklings

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE THEM. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. There was much competitive activity from honeybees, particularly partial to poppies as we loaded two bags of hedge clippings and other green waste into the trusty little Modus for transporting to Efford Recycling Centre. This was to take some time, much of which was spent inContinue reading “The Ugly Ducklings”

‘What Else Can you Do On A Rainy Day?’

CLICKING ON IMAGES, TWICE IF NECESSARY, WILL ENLARGE THEM. It rained steadily all day, so we decided to take another large bag of garden waste to Efford Recycling Centre. Almost immediately we were held in a long tailback trailing down Christchurch Road. Clearly there were roadworks ahead. Eventually the sight of a yellow cherry picker onContinue reading “‘What Else Can you Do On A Rainy Day?’”

Container Delivery

Today we transported four more bags of cuttings to Efford Recycling Centre. The first two, giving us the sense of a light at the end of the tunnel, we disposed of before lunch. For most of the winter the heaps have lain the length of the left hand side of the drive. Most are from theContinue reading “Container Delivery”

Three For Them, And Three For Us

Having made more progress on printing the flyers last night, I have run out of several inks and therefore ordered more on line today, in addition to paper for the photographic prints. That is not a major problem. The daffodils and primulas in Jackie’s tiered front garden pots are now in full bloom, offering an interestingContinue reading “Three For Them, And Three For Us”

What Other Municipal Dump……?

I know my mobile phone is working now, because O2 and Carphone Warehouse continue to send me texts and e-mails containing special offers, and reviews about their service. Some people are gluttons for punishment. This was another day of sunshine and showers. The daffodils I photographed yesterday were all in close-up. This is the generalContinue reading “What Other Municipal Dump……?”


It is not that unusual for readers seeking contacts or history to stumble across this blog and, through comments, to ask me for information. Yesterday there were two. One man sought a contact with Trinity (Battersea) now Trinity (Oxley) Cricket Club. I, and two others responded. A second person, a woman, wondered whether Jackie’s sister, Helen, wasContinue reading “Silhouettes”

Quiet Reflection

After a morning clearing shrubberies and watering window boxes, we took a trip to Efford Recycling Centre. Although we did dump more sections of aluminium frames, probably the last of the alleged ‘greenhouse, unassembled’, the real purpose of the trip was to seek out mirrors from the sales section. Jackie found two perfect specimens. Yes, weContinue reading “Quiet Reflection”