More Printing

This morning I filled two more cuttings bags, and this afternoon we took them to the dump. This time, the Head Gardener only liberated a trio of terra cotta containers from a wine rack.

I spent much of the day printing and exchanging e-mails with Paul about the exhibition. The final batch of 50 completed my tally of 250 flyers.

Paul Clarke has put as much meticulous effort and skill into the hanging and display of the exhibition at The First Gallery as he did with the design of the flyers. He has made quite specific size suggestions for prints with which to adorn the walls, ranging from A2 to A6. As I Can only go to A3+ on my printer, I will need to investigate the cost of commercial printing for the one A2.

Here are some of the offerings I have sent:

Poppy and maple

This was the view through the red Japanese maple on 21st April 2014.

Fly in gladiolus

I made a very small crop of this gladiolus in order to position the burrowing fly;

Fly in colchicum

on 14th September 2014, just a week before that one, another alighted on a colchicum.

bee on eryngium planum

Two days later this bee settled on an eryngium planum;

Bee on libertia

another made for this libertia on 18th May last year.

Snowdrops and hellebores in garden

On 25th February 2015 snowdrops were in abundance.

Peacock butterfly & shadow

This Red Admiral butterfly cast an intriguing shadow on 21st November 2013.


Finally, here is a tulip from 14th April 2015.

For this evening’s dinner Jackie produced perfectly baked ham, moist ratatouille, creamy mashed potato, and crisp brussels sprouts; followed by sticky toffee and ginger pudding and custard. I drank Louis Virion Costiers de Nimes 2014, and the Cook drank lemon squash.


  1. I am very impressed with all of the work you and Jackie are doing, this presentation will be wonderful, Derrick. Such a great “cause” and I still will look forward to hearing more about it all! 🙂

      1. The Japanese red maple and the butterfly with shadow stood out for myceyes tobexamibe. All are engaging photos, Derrick. My ex-husband #2, Scot Eric Long, wrote a book about a family’s spacious property and home; only opened two weekends a year. The book is called, “Schnormeier Gardens ~Peace, Harmony &Serenity.” I did that little drawing of a peaceful, flowering garden with cottage with his last name, Long. I was given a signed copy. My girlfriend and I went through the gardens a few years back. 🙂
        (He is always a rambling man, married but looking. Reason we are split up.)

  2. The butterfly shadow looks like something you’d find in a psychiatrist’s office. Not that I would know. I think people who visit the exhibition are in for a real treat, Derrick. Your photography and Jackie’s garden make magic happen.

  3. The photo selection looks great Derrick, you guys are going to have a great exhibition! We have been lost in bagging, racking and clearing garden beds – mulching will be coming up early next week. Jackie, the Master Gardener is really a pro at what she has done with the gardens. Love it – maybe one day you’ll put together a coffee table edition of photographs taken of your gardens!!

  4. I think the exhibition will be a success, Derrick 🙂
    All I already seen tells me that. Your work fascinated me. I keep my fingers crossed.
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  5. Ooh, such gorgeous and detailed photographs, Derrick. Each one a delight, in and of itself! This is such a huge undertaking and so happy you are able to function with such a recent health setback with barely over recovery phase. Take care and I would love to have some of the delectable toffee and ginger pudding dessert! 🙂

  6. I like the looks of the libertia. Never heard of it, never saw one before but I really like it. Great pictures all around. Do you prefer people call them photographs? My brother has a music teacher who didn’t want him to call what he was playing “songs”. They were “pieces”.

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