A Soporific Afternoon

In the vicious postprandial heat I ventured on a garden hunt for butterflies and bees, which had been more present earlier in the day when we were clearing clippings and bagging them up for disposal. Only two Peacocks and one bee settled in view during the half hour in which I was prepared to stickContinue reading “A Soporific Afternoon”

Far Too Busy To Chat

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. THOSE IN THE PAIR ACCESS A GALLERY THAT CAN BE VIEWED FULL SIZE AFTER SCROLLING DOWN THE PAGE AND CLICKING THE RELEVANT BOX.. Aaron, Jackie, and I continued tidying up the garden this morning. Daffodils still glow all over; the new generation of honesty crops up everywhere; and the AnemoneContinue reading “Far Too Busy To Chat”

Tom Daley

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED Jackie continued her creative miracles on the various beds. I rendered sporadic assistance in dead-heading, weeding, clearing up, and humping bags of compost. Here are current views of The Head Gardener’s Walk and The Gazebo Path, looking across Margery’s bed in which her hollyhocks are now in bloom. Petunias in hangingContinue reading “Tom Daley”

More Printing

This morning I filled two more cuttings bags, and this afternoon we took them to the dump. This time, the Head Gardener only liberated a trio of terra cotta containers from a wine rack. I spent much of the day printing and exchanging e-mails with Paul about the exhibition. The final batch of 50 completedContinue reading “More Printing”

A Cricket Lesson

So many readers of yesterday’s post have expressed horror, disbelief, or dismay, that I may have missed the most incredibly dramatic first day of a Test  Match that the world has ever seen, or is ever likely to, that I have to say that I did watch the highlights on Channel 5 + 1, afterContinue reading “A Cricket Lesson”

Clipped Wings

Continuing with the card-making process, I began by trying to understand why, when printing through iPhoto on the computer, pictures were being cropped in a frustratingly restrictive way.  In many instances this did not matter much, but when it came to a butterfly having its wings clipped this was intolerable.  So I got up thisContinue reading “Clipped Wings”

No Peeking

Chris and Frances still being at The Firs this morning, we dropped in for a visit, just as they and Elizabeth were leaving the house for a visit to Chesapeake Mill. They all did an about turn, phoned Jacqueline who was at Mum’s, and very soon a Firs gathering was arranged.  Jackie saw this asContinue reading “No Peeking”