The Light Fantastic

Today the sun put in intermittent appearances. Early on I applied my lens to the light.

Gazebo Path

The Gazebo Path retained its colour,

Bench, light, eucalyptus

but this bench, lamp, and eucalyptus called for Black and White to enhance their shapes,

Bench on Heligan Path

as did the shadows on the bench on The Helicon Path.

During the rest of the day, whilst I produced most of the remaining prints chosen by Paul for the exhibition, Jackie achieved considerable garden planting and maintenance,

Table from dump refurbished

including completing the refurbishment of the dump table photographed on 15th.

All I have to make now are a couple of A3 prints, the paper for which should arrive tomorrow.

lamb jalfrezi

Whilst tomorrow’s lamb jalfrezi simmered gently on the hob

we dined this evening on Jackie’s excellent liver and bacon casserole, potato wedges, carrots, and green beans. The Cook drank Kingfisher while I imbibed Reserve des Tuguets madiran 2012.


  1. I’m partial toy our B&W prints, but do love to see a little of the color as well. Your meals all sound like feasts w/wonderful accompaniments – you and Jackie know to do dinner right.

  2. Well – all my dear friends are drinking Kingfisher or Reserve des Tuguets madiran 2012 or changing their Gravatar – I’m simply (oh ordinary me) going to go and mow the lawn…

  3. I am so excited to see your shadows and light photographs, Derrick. The black and white ones are so artistic, while I still tend to like color ones of gardens. 🙂

  4. I love your use of black and white. I’m not sure I would have thought of doing so.

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