New Arrivals


Poppy and customers

This morning we all joined the other customers in the cafe. Poppy did actually eat most of what was on her plate.

An hour or so later, Jackie and I set off back home, reaching there early in the afternoon.

Aaron had moved a clump of ornamental grass further back in the Palm Bed,

Chair and candlestick

and removed rust from most of the furniture in the rose garden and painted it with Hammerite. Here we have a reclaimed armchair seated under the arch with a church candlestick behind it.

Pansy 1Pansies

Pansies are flourishing;

Snake's Head fritillaries

the Snake’s Head fritillaries proliferate;


our numerous heucheras now have flowers;

Cowslip, hellebore, violas

and cowslips,

Geraneum Phaeum

geranium Phaeums,Grape hyacinth

and grape hyacinths are new arrivals.

This evening we dined on a Chinese takeaway from Happy Days in Pennington, and, between us, finished the Broadwood’s Folly English white wine.


  1. Looks like Poppy has an appetite to match yours, Derrick. She’s growing up in front of our eyes; blossoming like the flowers in your garden. Love the chair; I would love to see a photo of the candle lit and maybe a reader seated under it 🙂

  2. Such pretty flowers. Like that chair. and Poppy eating up her food, most of all. Hi to Jackie who keeps you well fed. Can you cook? (Remember that I’m a sub-par cook, so don’t start showing off….)

  3. I think I have chair envy… not only for the lovely design, but it would be mystical to sit meditating in the dusk or dark with a lit candle flickering above my head….or would it… 🙁

  4. It’s good how you label the flowers below the photos. This gives me ample opportunity to shame myself with lack of botanic knowledge. I got 1 correct out of the lot today.

  5. Poppy is adorable and such a pretty hair color. They say my grandson, Hendrix, is a “ginger.” I feel Poppy’s hair is similar and pretty in tone.
    Your pansies are so beautiful and unique colors, Derrick. Especially, orange (gold) and purple jewel tones. The white painted rod iron chair is beautiful with its new coat of paint. Very elaborate iron flourishes. 🙂

  6. What a sweeten Poppy is! Thanks for the lovely spring stroll in your garden. We had snow last night which is continuing into today. A spoiler for the early daffodils.

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