New Arrivals

IMAGES MAY BE ENLARGED BY CLICKING ON THEM, TWICE IF NECESSARY This morning we all joined the other customers in the cafe. Poppy did actually eat most of what was on her plate. An hour or so later, Jackie and I set off back home, reaching there early in the afternoon. Aaron had moved aContinue reading “New Arrivals”

Drinking Water

Today I completed the last of the exhibition prints, whilst Jackie continued a commendable amount of garden maintenance, including cleaning up the decking and placing the newly refurbished table between the cane chair and one of the camellias. The prolific euphorbia in the background has been heavily pruned, and one of the recently planted clematises trainedContinue reading “Drinking Water”

Three For Them, And Three For Us

Having made more progress on printing the flyers last night, I have run out of several inks and therefore ordered more on line today, in addition to paper for the photographic prints. That is not a major problem. The daffodils and primulas in Jackie’s tiered front garden pots are now in full bloom, offering an interestingContinue reading “Three For Them, And Three For Us”

Pictures For An Exhibition

Today we toted five more canvas bags of tree cuttings to Efford Recycling Centre. The Head Gardener was prevailed upon to bear the strain of this one as we tipped the contents into the vast container, thus allowing The Photographer to carry out his primary role. This time we returned with a stout wooden table suitable for theContinue reading “Pictures For An Exhibition”

Now And Then

Because of my severely restricted mobility my rambling currently is confined literally to ‘[My] Own Back Yard’, and metaphorically through my photographic archives. This morning I ambled along the back drive taking a few more shots of the North Breeze jungle next door. This chair rests behind the hedge we have pruned, revealing the dilapidatedContinue reading “Now And Then”

An Opened Garden

Yesterday Jackie carried out some further heavy pruning and clearance in the shrubbery at the front of the house. This meant that before I could continue with the path, I needed to cart several barrow loads of branches and dead plants to the far end of the garden. Well, she is the head gardener, andContinue reading “An Opened Garden”

Decorating Day 2

For some reason best known to themselves Flo and her family take a perverse delight in occupying my chair on their visits. This reached its pinnacle on March 31st 2013. On that occasion Matthew’s Oddie joined in on the act. He was often the sole occupant but the post ‘Whose Chair Is It Anyway’ describesContinue reading “Decorating Day 2”