Baskets And Pots


On an overcast day I alternated between watering hanging baskets and pots, dead heading, and watching the television coverage of the men’s semi-finals at Wimbledon. I would pop outside at what seemed reasonable intervals in the matches, fill a few cans, water a few containers, and return to the TV hoping I hadn’t missed anything too crucial. This proved rather more risky in the first event.

Here I present a small token selection of the recipients of the water:

Petunias 1Petunias, sweet peas, lobelia, bidens, geraniumsLobelia, bidens, mimuluses, geraniumsPansies and geraniumsPetunias and lobelia 1Petunias, mimumuluses and lobeliaPetunias and lobelia 2Cosmos and petuniasClematis, sweet peas and geraniumsLobelias, petunias, bidensPetunias, mimuluses, lobelias, geraniumsPetunias, bidens, lobelias, geraniumsPetunias, lobelias, bidens, sweet peasDiascia

Readers will find examples of petunia, lobelia, pansy, bidens, clematis, sweet pea, geranium, mimulus, diascia, and no doubt many more.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s delicious chicken jalfrezi and boiled rice, followed by Helen’ rich chocolate roulade. The Culinary Queen drank diet Pepsi and I began an intriguing wine curiosity. This was present from Helen and Bill; a label called Rare Vineyards; a red wine, Carignan vieilles vignes (old vines), 2015. It is enjoyable.


  1. The word that comes to mind is oasis…

    An oasis of bright colors and delicate smells, carefully tended to with lots of effort and love. Thanks for sharing and creating such beauty. 🙂

  2. Who says men can’t manage multitasks? 🙂 Hope you didn’t miss too much action on TV. I’m glad to see the result of your labour.

  3. Fabulous photo of the passion flower Derrick – I love the thought of you popping in and out to tend the baskets with tennis on your mind – and yet still getting that camera busy! Multi-tasking indeed!! <3

  4. What a spectacular array of flowers (and you’ve just answered the question I asked on your birthday post about watering).

  5. What an upset! I’ve seen Federer pull out so many times, I never really believe it when he loses. Your flowers are stunning – no worse for the wear from your strolls to the TV.

  6. I was not well yesterday, and took myself off to my bed, Maybe I’ll do it again!! Lovely photos and now I know what was watered and can pick up from there. Guess I’m lucky not to have to photograph as I water!

  7. Well, we won’t be doing much watering for ma good while, Derrick! It has been pouring down for a good few hours now…and not for the first time!

  8. Beautiful blooms! You have put much work in your garden, Derrick. Looks like healthy plants are responding to good weather.

  9. Holy guacamole, Derrick! You certainly do have your work cut out for you. How long, on any given day, would you say it takes you to water all those beautiful darlings?

  10. Oh, my! Your prolific flowers and plants have become even more gorgeous, Derrick and Jackie. Simply a lovely banquet of colors, details and varieties displayed!
    My favorite flowers are cream and purple in the sixth picture from the ending. 🙂 They look like a purple bloom inside creamy white ones!

  11. How lovely! I love the baskets on the wall and the hanging pots, they are my favourites here too although I had to take most down as the sun had scorched everything. Methinks I should retire in the UK if I can afford it. It seems to be heaven on earth for those who like gardening 🙂

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