The Pool


Following on from my post of two days ago I scanned a few more slides from The Dumb Flea holiday.

Becky, David and Samuel 8.81

Here Becky sits in the garden with her two regular charges, David and Samuel. Yes, that is a pet rabbit hopping about.

Another great attraction was the pool.

Becky and Sam 8.81 1Becky and Sam 8.81 2

Becky got Sam accustomed to the idea of water-wings;

Sam 8.81 1Sam 8.81 3

then, somewhat pleased with himself, and concentrating hard, he was off on his own,

Beckie 8.81

leaving Becky

Cherie 8.81

and Cherie to enjoy their own swim.

This afternoon Jackie was almost back to normal planting in the garden.

Gardman Arch

She assembled and embedded a Gardman Arch across the Phantom Path and positioned a clematis Venosa Violacea on the Margery’s Bed side;

Lobelia and Star of India

and further along placed a large lobelia in the space left for it beside the Star of India.

My contribution was a little weeding, dead-heading, and watering.

Rose Mamma Mia

Roses, such as Mamma Mia, enjoyed a few minutes of sunshine in a rather overcast day.

For our evening meal we visited the Hare & Hounds public house just outside Sway. We were not disappointed. I enjoyed a plentiful whitebait starter followed by chicken and leek pie, chips, and peas; Jackie’s mushroom pot followed by generous tagliatelle was equally good. Neither of us could even think about a dessert. Jackie drank Hoegaarden and I imbibed doom bar.

Hare & Hounds

The setting sun set the building aglow as we left for our short journey home.


  1. Mamma Mia! That rose is spectacular, Derrick. I so enjoyed the photo of the children in the pool. My favorite is the third one…Sam’s expression is so joyful.

      1. Thanks Derrick! I appreciate your family tree. Although out was some time ago, I’m sorry for the loss of your two wives. You are very fortunate to have such a rich family tree.

  2. What lovely pix of the grandkids and also the garden. Nice clematis (I bet you pronounce it the right way – whereas I always say clem-AH-tiss).

      1. We always used to use “clemAYtis”, accented thus. The literarily-correct friend I mentioned to you today (who had a 1st Class M.A. in English Literature from Cambridge, following a ‘guid, auld’ Scots education*) used to fume about people pronouncing it this way, insisting that “CLEM-a-tis” was correct, a usage that I’m sure has become more widespread, possibly disseminated by TV gardening programmes.

        * which latter I didn’t tell you earlier

  3. Perhaps you should post some ‘then and now’ photos of your ‘grandchildren’. 🙂 Glad to hear that Jackie is back in the garden. I think I should be too.

  4. Ah the Hare and Hounds… Or Geoffrey’s doom after the unfortunate evening supping ale and a bike ride home that ended in a ditch, sadly five foot deep in geese crap that had ‘run off’ from Arnewood farm up near the Sway Tower. I suppose being tiddly cushioned my fall but mum’s egregious use of the hose at 11pm on a November night still rankles frankly. I thought a quick bath would have sufficed.

  5. I which we had establishments in the U.S.A. with names like the Hare and Hounds. Some taverns and bars do have interesting names.More common in small towns are names like Ed’s Tap and Grill, Joe’s Bar and I can only imagine how many Dew Drop Inns there are.

      1. Not because it used to belong to a Chinaman who thought he was in Dunmfries? 🙂

  6. The pool is always a great attraction 🙂
    I remember when I was a kid I was so delighted every day when I went to a pool.

  7. Your last pictures for me, captures the very essence of what I consider, a typical English pub, the Hare and Hounds must have some relationship to Fox hunting in the district. But some of your pub names are really extraordinary, The jolly taxpayer,the Nobody Inn, Bunch of Carrots and the Cat and Custard Pot.
    They all sound like places of much merriment.

    1. I’ve been to the Nobody Inn (or one of that name). The village / hamlet it’s in is called Doddiscombleigh, a name equally bizarre to the uninitiated.

  8. Love your slides 🙂 It was our favorite photography since we couldn’t afford colour prints. We also enjoyed watching the slides on long winter nights 🙂

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