Early this morning Jackie drove me out to Mudeford Quay for a photoshoot.

Neatly piled up are fishermen’s equipment, such as

Ropes and chains

ropes and chains,

Crab pot

and what I believe are crab pots,


and marker buoys.

Yacht and buoy on Solent

It must have been the hazy heat that led us to water for the second day running. Even quite early it wrapped The Needles and their lighthouse in clingfilm as a yacht slipped past the Isle of Wight and a buoy bobbed in the bay.

Holiday accommodation

Holidaymakers were emerging from their picturesque accommodation,

Rowers 1

Rower and lady

but otherwise families had not yet driven in their droves when we arrived and I wandered around watching various aquatic activities such as rowing;


what I am grateful to several commenters below, to be able to call paddle-boarding;




and casting for fish.

Motor boat leaners

Discussion about plans for the day took place while leaning on a boat,

Man on mobile

or by means of the mobile phone. This paddling gentleman was soon joined by two children and a woman who rang to ask where he was. He was amused when I showed him the picture.


Even the gulls kept largely out of sight, except for one looking startled on the water,

Rooftop with gull

and another surveying the scene from a rather motley rooftop.


Nearby, a roofer’s head was already lit by the sun which would soon bear straight down on him;

Watering hanging basket

and The Haven staff were already watering the hanging baskets.

In eager anticipation of the first ferry trip to Hengistbury Head

Down to the ferry 1

Down to the ferry 2

families surged onto the quay

Down to the ferry 3

Down to the ferry 4

and formed an ever-lengthening queue.

Down to the ferry 5

Down to the ferry 6

Down to the ferry 7

The transport arrived on time and eager embarkation began.


The barriers around the quayside are to prevent anyone taking a dive down the steps leading up to the platform.

Down to the ferry 8

This father looked as if he was feeling the strain;

Down to the ferry 9

until he entered the boat and his partner brought along the empty buggy.

Down to the ferry 10Down to the ferry 11

The last few boarders took their places,


and the fully laden boat set off.

Dog, reader, gull

As I returned to the car I spotted a large sandy dog excavating the spit across the water.

This afternoon I gave Jackie token assistance with watering the garden.

This even we dined on the Culinary Queen’s wholesome sausage, bacon, and heart casserole. She drank Hoegaarden and I quaffed more of the Côtes du Rhône.


  1. Another lovely day on the beach! I think that standing on the surfboard with an oar activity is called paddle boarding. Haven’t done it, but it’s popular here.

  2. Yes, paddleboarding. Originally paddleboarding was only done prone or kneeling on the surfboard using the arms in a kind of butterfly stroke. Purists prefer to call stand-up paddleboarding “paddle surfing.” I would be happy to do either one.

  3. These are wonderful photos. I went there a few days ago too and took hundreds of photos. Mudeford brings back such wonderful childhood memories back. We used to camp in the car-park back in the day and my brother and I would just hop into any rowing boat we fancied, pull up the anchor and go… Did you do any crabbing?

  4. These were lovely, Derrick. It’s almost like we were there with you.
    The hazy heat wrapping the day like “clingfilm.” That’s wonderful!

  5. I was happy to see a variety of knots and maritime samples. Such interesting age and details, Derrick. As well as the great captures of diversity in ferry boat passengers bringing me smiles. 🙂

      1. You’re most welcome! Derrick, I had a long day and am heading home from the library to eat a late dinner. Will catch up further, next time! Hugs!

  6. I just had a birthday call from my son who lives in Lymington Spa. From what he said about your weather, I hope you didn’t get a sunburn!

  7. I have been told that the yellow lichen on the motley rooftop is usually an indication of superb air quality and almost total lack of air borne pollutants. It’s very common in west Cornwall, for example.

  8. Wonderful photo series Derrick, reminds me coastal Maine and the many lobster traps that dot the landscape. Had one fall on our car once,a nice big dent/scrape.

  9. That looks like a great place for a day out. 🙂 I’ve always fancied paddleboarding but knowing me I’d spend far more time in the water than on the board!

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